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ssssOncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, therapy, cure and rehabilitation of various forms of cancers, including palliative care and rehabilitation of patients affected with cancer. Oncologists are the trained medical professionals that practice Oncology and play an instrumental role in providing medical and psychological support for the affected by adhering to all the ethical practices in the cure and prevention of cancer. There are three types of ‘Oncologist’ based on the type of medical solution they offer namely, Medical, Surgical and Radiation Oncologists.

Cancer treatment often involves a combination of therapies namely chemotherapy (preventing the spread of cancer cells using drugs), Surgery (Removing the affected part to prevent any further spread of cancer) and Radiation (Removal of tumor if any with radiation) depending on the type of cancer, its stage, age of the patient and a variety of other physiological and psychological conditions of the patient. Uterus or pelvic cancer must be dealt with the knowledge of gynecology and oncology, while a pediatric oncologist combines the knowledge of pediatric and oncology to treat children.

Oncologist plays a pivotal role throughout the diagnosis, therapy and after, even designing the post operative care, management and rehabilitation.

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