About Us

iMedPub LTD is a progressive, and comprehensive medical and healthcare science publisher that aim to provide free and easy access to scientific information to all as the scientifically tried and tested knowledge alone can lead to advancement of the societies and communities.



As the information and knowledge empowers communities from taking the right decision and save the communities from the dreaded diseases, we aim to bring the latest from the medical and healthcare advancements to the society. We are equally keen in encouraging the scientists working relentlessly in these fields to share their knowledge and research outcome with the society. We believe in the crowdsourcing movement and consider ourselves as a collaborative publisher. With a view to remain accessible to all, we have set the most affordable article processing charges of all biomedical journals.



iMedPub LTD aims to uphold the rights of authors, address their needs, and foster a rapid, convenient, unbiased, and comprehensive publishing environment, which not only guarantees the highest quality constructive peer-review process, but also provides an evaluation system that involves the entire research community. To fulfill this mission, iMedPub LTD applies the most advanced Internet technologies to bring scholarly publishing into a new generation   

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Explore our websites to know more about our commitment towards open access knowledge sharing and the innovative publishing methods, including author guidelines, type of articles we publish and the standard review procedures we adopt. We facilitate quick review process while adhering to quality publication standards. Upcoming researchers and scholars can explore our site to ripe the benefits of Open access knowledge sharing to promote further research and knowledge upgradation.

To provide a new publishing system that
  • Drives an increase in the quality of science world-wide
  • Disseminates science freely
  • Distills academic excellence
  • Delivers the most outstanding and relevant science to the public
  • Provides a new academic model for review
To provide an evaluation and recognition system for authors that is
  • Rapid and efficient
  • Fair and constructive
  • Rigorous and prestigious
To provide a new business model that
  • Serves publishing needs of researchers
  • Obtains sponsors to support open access research publishing
  • Aid pharmaceutical companies in reinforcing their brand messages, and to produce customized content to integrate with global and local scientific community