Why publish in iMedPub LTD Journals?

  1. We offer the widest range of journals for publishing your articles. All journals are Open Access and once accepted your article will be online for viewing and downloading at the earliest. No space constraints or color figure charges.
  2. Your work is more visible and impact is guaranteed. We spread your article through Scribd, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites besides traditional repositories and indexes. Average papers receives thousands of views and hundreds of downloads within weeks.
  3. We have the reasonable Article Processing Charges (APCs) for publishing open access. Open access means that anyone with internet access can find and read your work, offering you a wider audience and greater reach.  Recent literature shows that articles published in open access journals are highly cited than those in non-open access journals. In addition papers published by iMedPub LTD are widely cited in the media and distributed through social media such as Facebook and Twitter, therefore, ensuring thousands of readers.
  4. We offer easy to submit and review systems. We are using Editor Manager System for this purpose. You can monitor every step of the article processing through this system, from submission to publication. This convenient online manuscript submission and processing system is widely praised by authors for ease of use.
  5. High quality guaranteed. iMedPub LTD strives to provide the highest quality Open Access option for your paper. Our eminent editors are impactful scientists. The fast and real-time review system will ensure top standards for every paper. High quality copy-editing and type-setting guarantees you the best production process. The PDF version of each article is published under a certain format designed to achieve the very best look.
  6. Fast publishing guaranteed. We follow a policy of immediate publication on acceptance. Your work is published as soon as it is ready.  iMedPub LTD publishes online so there are no delays to meet page minimums or to coincide with issue dates. iMedPub LTD uses the most advanced, custom-designed, automated IT publishing platform. Each submitted papers go through a fast track review and if accepted, a fast track copy editing process. Accepted papers are published online at the minimum time required.
  7. You become part of an active and open minded social network of authors, readers and editors.
  8. When publishing open access you retain ownership, copyright. All articles published open access maintained are under Creative Commons license. Others who choose to use your work must attribute you, not the journal. Compliance with open access mandates, including the NIH Public Access Policy and the Wellcome Trust Open Access Policy.
  9. Thorough peer review: your work is reviewed by a renowned Editorial Board. Only top scholars are appointed to Boards of Editors. 
  10. You are part of something important: preserving the integrity, opening the discourse, and sharing the benefits of medical science more equitably, including:
    • Unbiased, quality-oriented, and transparent reviews
    • Unmatched efficiency, with an average of 3 months from submission to publication
    • Significance democratically judged by the reading activity of the community through advanced analytics
    • Truly impartial recognition of the best papers
    • Feedback on the impact of every article