Chemistry & Chemical Science Journals

Chemistry is a branch of physical sciences as it studies about the structure, composition and properties of matter. Matter is filled with several atoms and chemistry explains how the chemical bonding of the individual atoms combine together to form chemical compounds. The general properties of matter is formed due to the interaction of inter molecular forces of various substances and the chemical reaction that takes place as a result of interaction of various substances give rise to new substances.

Natural Sciences like Chemistry, physics, geology and biology are interdisciplinary in nature and it is difficult to study them in isolation. Physical properties of a substance or matter as a result of chemical reaction would create new structure with different set of properties.

The systematic body of knowledge that documents the structures, properties, and composition of various substances as a result of chemical reaction or bonding is a Chemical Science.  Water which we consume in our daily life for example is produced as a result of chemical reaction between one molecule of Oxygen and two molecules of Hydrogen. Chemical Sciences thus is present in various forms in our day today living.

List of Chemistry & Chemical Sciences Journals

Archives in Chemistry

Chemical Informatics

Der Chemica Sinica

Insights in Enzyme Research

Journal of Chemical Biology & Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Journal of Organic & Inorganic Chemistry

Journal of Toxicological Analysis

Structural Chemistry & Crystallography Communication

Synthesis and Catalysis: Open Access