Responsibility and code of conduct for the reviewers

    Most important factors that must be considered by a reviewer are:
  1. The article must match the area of expertise of the reviewer, as a reviewer if you find that the article is not aligning with your subject expertise, please inform the editorial office without any delay.
  2. Sufficient time should be provided to the reviewers to review an article, simultaneously, as the publisher follows a fast track peer review process, respective reviewer should understand the necessity of the speed of the review.
  3. While accepting a reviewing assignment the respective reviewer agrees not to share any information provided in the manuscript with anyone, maintaining confidentiality is mandatory for any reviewer.
  4. Different people have different perceptions. Read an article and make sure that your review is in accordance to the article as well as need of the journal.
  5. Your comments must be reasonable. You must hold your points with firm logical reasons
  6. Often it has been observed, conflict arises among the reviewers opinion to decide the fate of an article, therefore, Editor-in-Chiefs decision will be final and it should be unanimously accepted.
  7. The main parts of articles should be kept in mind while writing your report. It should not be very lengthy, precise and to the point reports are appreciated.
  8. Specifying and matching the article with standard of journal is must.
  9. The report has to be shared with the editor.
  10. While making recommendations (either you reject or accept or give it for revising) keep in mind the general observation too.
  11. Timely review and timely publication always gives professional advantages and so it becomes important to meet the deadlines and send the report within the time period. Exceeding the time provided will lead to delay in Editor’s decision as well as delay in publishing that is again not a good sign.