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Translational Biomedicine Volume 10, Issue 1 Editorial Note for Translational Biomedicine Jayati Chandra Archives of Clinical Microbiology Volume 11, Issue 2 Editorial Highlights for Archives of Clinical Microbiology Jhansi A General Perspective of Microbiota in Human Health and Disease Mbuvi P Mutua, Shadrack Muyanbspand Gicheru M Muita Diversity & Equality in Health and Care Volume 17, Issue 2 Global Healthcare Concerns and Solutions Akiko Kamimura, Samin Panahi, Shannon Weaver Interventions to Widen Participation for Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Men into the Nursing Profession A Scoping Review Iritza Qureshi, Nasreen Ali, Rebecca Garcia and Gurch Randhawanbsp Archives of Medicine Volume 12, Issue 2 Frequency of GastroEsophageal Reflux symptoms in Healthy Children Determined by MM GERD Questionnaire in Mexico An Exploratory Study Rogelio Ramses HernandezPliegonbspand Jose Ivan Rodriguez de MolinaSerrano Why is DrugInduced Ototoxicity Still Not Preventable nor is it Treatable in 2019 A Literature Review of Aminoglycoside and Cisplatin Ototoxicity Cherrabi Kaoutar Magnetic Resonance Imaging Localization of the Vertebral Level of Termination of the Spinal Cord in Adults in Port Harcourt Rivers State Nigeria Mbaba AN, Ogolodom MP, Abam R, Ijeruh OY, Okpaleke MS, Maduka BU, Iwuagwu OC Health Science Journal Volume 14, Issue 2 Methods of Ergonomic Evaluation in Upper Limb A Review in Agricultural Manual Work Castaneda LAG, Baquero WAH, Araujo WGG, Isaza SJ and Olaya AFR Analysis of the Stress Anxiety and Healthy Habits in the Spanish COVID19 Confinement Angel VicarioMerinonbspand Noemi MuntildeozAgustin Impact of Physical Activity on Heart Rate Blood Pressure and RatePressure Product in Healthy Elderly George Papathanasiou, Georgios Mitsiou, Magdalini Stamou, Sophia Stasi, Anastasia Mamalinbspand Effie Papageorgiou Level of Pain and Physical Function of Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis Receiving Physiotherapy with and without IntraArticular Injection in Pakistan A Qusai Experimental Study Syed Ali Behram Subazwari, Sidra Qayyum, Zubair Ahmad, Nida Ishfaq, Amina Khalid, Layba Awais and Israa Anwar Prevalence Determinants and Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus T2DM in Arabic Countries A Systematic Review Study Albaraa A Milibari, Ehab Y Matuure and Esraa M Gadah Prevalence of Forefoot Pain among High Heel Wearing Female Teachers and Students of Different Universities in Faisalabad Saima Jabbar, Sidra Sabir, Saiqa Irum, Hassan Raza, Ahmad Wassinbspand Syed Ali Behram Subazwari Quality of Life for Hospitalized Patients The Impact of Disease Perception Zarishnyak Natalya Vladimirovna, Kulbaisov Amyrzhan Magazhanovichnbspand Vybornova Ekaterina Vladislavovna Work Satisfaction and Nursing Management A Quantitative Study Angel VicarioMerino, Noemi MunozAgustin Montserrat RuizLopez David PerezManchon Juan Pablo HervasPerez and Cayetana RuizZaldibar Effect on Skin Microflora in Hygienic Bathing of Patients with Chlorhexidine Gluconate Disinfectant and NonRinse Product Irinka Hristovanbspand Tatiana Malakova Incidence of De Quervains Tenosynovitis in Computer Operators Layba Awais, Syed Ali Behram Subazwari, Shehryar Azam and Israa Anwar Journal of Biomedical Sciences Volume 9, Issue 1 Market Analysis on 2nd International Conference on Digital Health Martin Lange 2020 Announcement of International Conference on Digital Health Martin Lange Quality in Primary Care Volume 28, Issue 2 Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder Ravali Inja, Hannah Pyle ampnbspHiral Choksi Young Research Forum on Medicine and Acute Care Conference Katrina wendel Mitoraj International Journal of Drug Development and Research Volume 12, Issue 1 Editorial Note for International Journal of Drug Development and Research Sushma D Potent Suppression of Proliferation of Breast Carcinoma Cells by a Novel Anthranilic Acid Derivative Alexander Fischnbsp, Chelsea Reibernbsp, William Schroedernbsp, Robert Smartnbspand Osman V Patel Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Research Volume 8, Issue 1 Management of Live Cervical Ectopic Pregnancy Nnadozie Igbokwe, Dushyanthy Jeyanesan and Anku Mehtanbsp Spiral Arterial Morphology in Relation to Hypertension in Pregnancy and Birth Weight by Placental Bed Biopsy A Retrospective Analysis PN Nobis, Himleena Gautam, Kamal Kathar, Papari Goswami and Joydev Sharma The Use of Radio Frequency Identification RFID and Track and Trace Technology in Reducing the Risks and Cost of Sperm Cryopreservation Nnadozie Igbokwe,Mathew Tomlinson Health Systems and Policy Research Volume 7, Issue 1 Human Health Metabolism Diabetes Obesity Fatemeh Rabiee Khan Journal of Pediatric Care Volume 5, Issue 3 HeparinInduced Thrombocytopenia in Pediatrics Mini Review Andrea Carolina Zarate Vergara , Mariacutea Alexandra Peacuterez Sotelo nbspand Irina Suley Tirado Peacuterez Whats New in Preventing Pediatric Gastrointestinal Bleeding in Critically Ill Patients Andrea Carolina Zarate Vergara, Mariacutea Alexandra Peacuterez Sotelo and Irina Suley Tirado Peacuterez Journal of Volume 14, Issue 1 Retention of Passive Integrated Transponders PIT Tags in Juvenile Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout Amanda Borchert, Jacob L Davis, Michael E Barnes Effect of Environmental Factors on the Movement of Rainbow Trout in the Deerfield Reservoir System Jeremy L Kientz, Jacob L Davis, Steven R Chipps, Gregory Simpson Journal of Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics Volume 5, Issue 4 2020 Conference Announcement of 24th Asia Pacific Nutrition Meet and Expo 2020 scheduled during 2627 March 2020 at Kyoto Japan Henry Walker Young Scientist Awards Asian Nutrition 2020 Kyoto Japan March 2627 2020 Henry Walker Prestigious Award for Young Researchers at Clinical Nutrition 2020 Ahmed Osam Shalaby Awards announcement for World Nutrition 2020 scheduled at Sydney Australia during 2930 January 2020 Piergiorgio Bolasco Young Research Forum Young Researchers Awards Young Scientist Awards Best Poster Awards at Clinical Nutrition Conferences Vivek Kamath Der Chemica Sinica Volume 11, Issue 1 In vivo Evaluation of Peripheral Analgesic and Diarrhea Retardation Effects of Crude Methanolic Extracts from Diverse Potential Spice Cinnamomum zeylanicum L Barks on Swiss Albino Mice Islam S Md, Mamun M Md, Das P, Spriha ES,nbspSohel D MdnbspandnbspKawsar H Md Polymer Science and Technology 2020 Conference Fei Zeng JOP. Journal of the Pancreas Volume 21, Issue 2 Management of Pancreatic Cancer During COVID19 Pandemic To Treat or Not to Treat Rajvi Patel, Muhammad Wasif Saif A Rare Ocurrence of Small Cell Carcinoma in Pancreas A Case Report Kashmala Amjad, Osama Shakeel, Muhammad Asif Noor, Faizan Ullah, Abdul Wahid Anwer,Irfan Ul Islam Nasir, Alishba Naeem, Faisal Hanif A Rare but Important Cause of Pancreatitis A Case of a SPINK 1 Mutation in a Young Female Megan Sidana, Arabhi Nagasundar, Sharanpreet Kaur, Leeda Mathew, Mehrdad Asgerinbsp Case of Severe Acute Necrotizing Pancreatitis with Abdominal Compartment Syndrome with Splenic Infarction Prabhat Jha, Raju Bhandari, Bijendra Dhoj Joshi Barbed Suture for Pancreatic Anastomosis during Pancreaticoduodenectomy Decreases Incidence of Clinically Significant Pancreatic Fistula Andrew Guzowski, Joseph N Gabra, Noaman Ali Total Pancreatectomy for Multifocal Primary Pancreatic Cancer A Case Report Gopu Govindasamy Journal of Drug Abuse Volume 6, Issue 1 Young Researchers Forum 2020 of 13th European Biosimilars Congress Anjali Cheema Insights in Pediatric Cardiology Volume 3, Issue 2 Conference Announcement 34th International Conference on Neonatology and Perinatology scheduled on August 2122 2020 Paris France Krzysztof Piotrowski Market AnalysisNeonatology conference 2020 scheduled on 2122 August 2020 at Neonatology conference 2020scheduled on 2122 August 2020 at Paris France Krzysztof Piotrowski 2020 Announcement of International Conference on Pediatric Cardiology Meghana Nannapaneni 2020 Awards for International Conference on Pediatric Cardiology Meghana Nannapaneni 2020 Market Analysis of International Conference on Pediatric Cardiology Meghana Nannapaneni Research Contribution and Achievement Ankit Agrawal 35th World Cardiology Conference scheduled on October 2627 2020 at Rome Italy Sergey Suchkov Archivos de Medicina Volume 16, Issue 1 Leptina y su Participacioacuten en la Enfermedad Arterial Coronaria Joseacute de Jesuacutes BohoacuterquezRivero, Milton ManuelnbspRiveraMoreno, EstefanynbspRiveraMoreno, AngeacutelicanbspSofiacutea AlvearOroacutezconbspandnbspCarlos Mario LavalleJimeacutenez Conference Announcement Otorhinolaryngology 2020 Conference scheduled during November 2324 2020 at Rome Italy Taisa Giannecchini Journal of Prevention and Infection Control Volume 5, Issue 2 Market Analysis 2020 on Epidemiology and Public Health Radwan Faraj Market Analysis 2020 of World Congress on Contagious Diseases Giulio Tarro Awards 2020 of World Congress on Contagious Diseases Giulio Tarro 2020 Conference Announcement of 10th Edition of International Conference on Preventive Medicine Public Health Alzira Parolo YOUNG RESEARCH FORUM 2020 24th Edition of International Conferenceon Immunology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases Shirin Tarafder Conference Announcement 2020 on 3rd Global Experts Meeting on Infectious Diseases Yoshinori Hayakawa Awards 2020 on 3rd Global Experts Meeting on Infectious Diseases Yoshinori Hayakawa 2020 Market Analysis of 3rd Global Experts Meeting on Infectious Diseases Yoshinori Hayakawa Young Research Forum Young Scientist Awards 3rd Global ExpertsMeeting on Infectious Diseases Huang Wei Ling Awards 2020 13th Edition of International Conference on Infectious Diseases Ahmed Hegazi International Journal of Applied Science - Research and Review Volume 6, Issue 4 2020 Announcement of Material Science and Nanotechnology March 0910 2020 at Rome Italy Elsayed Ahmed Elnashar 2020 Market Analysis of Materials Science and Nanotechnology Conference Elsayed Ahmed Elnashar