Health Care & Nursing Journal

Healthcare is part of the vast medical field that involves the study of detention, cure and prevention of illness, sickness, injuries and physical and mental abnormalities. Nursing is part of the healthcare industry that cares for the individuals, families and society to attain, maintain and recover optimum health so that they enjoy a better quality of living.

Nursing as a profession needs to meet the requirements of a diversified population across geographical regions that demands skills, training, constant knowledge enhancement through refreshers and above all practice, which help a trainee nurse attaining the required skills. A well trained nurse can offer optimum outcome to the patients by reliving pain, delivering quick and efficient cure at a reasonable price.

Since the medical and nursing practitioners deal with a vast section of society with known diversity, monotony does not help in solving the issues. Critical thinking that needs patient driven solutions to deal with chronic disease care and management. Critical thinking is nothing but application the best nursing practices that avoids mechanical and monotonous application of care to the patients, considering them as a unified and similar category. Aged, children women and people of different geographical, cultural, social and economic level need tailor made healthcare solution and nursing plays a considerable role in offering a satisfactory patientcare management.

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