Neurology & Psychiatry Journals

Neurology is a branch of medical science that provides a comprehensive overview of the way complex nervous system including the Brain, and the spinal cord functions and regulates the functions of the body. Psychiatry is closely associated with neurology as it deals with the study, diagnosis, prevention and cure of mental disorders. Psychiatry deals with the detection, cure and prevention of cognitive, behavioral, affective and perceptual abnormalities.

Neuropsychiatry is the emerging medical practice that deals addresses the mental disorders arising as a result of neurological disorders. Neuropsychiatry hence surpasses the present disciplines like neurology and psychiatry and it is a combination of the both. The present day neuropsychiatry is subdivided as neuropsychology and behavioral neurology. This is a sub discipline of neurology that deals with the cognitive and behavioral issues arise as a result of imbalance in the nervous system.

Neuropsychiatric disorders can be addressed with the help of a combination of therapeutic methods that includes counseling, administering of medicines, and a set of clinical practices that needs a patient observation and follow up, including rehabilitative measures. Studies in neuropsychiatry can be generally documented as case studies involving patient’s participation. Neuropsychiatry as an emerging field could bridge the gap between the individual scientific displaces namely ‘Neurology’ and ‘Psychiatry’.

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