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Journal of the Pancreas Volume 20, Issue 4 Prediction of Clinically Relevant Pancreatic Fistula in the Early Phase after Distal Pancreatectomy Kazuhiro Suzumura, Kenjiro Iida, Hideaki Iwama, Yusuke Kawabata Acute Pancreatitis Two Attacks with Normal Serum Amylase and Lipase A Rare Case Report Santo A Carnazzo, Andrea Musumeci, Rosalia Latino, Paolo D Cannizzaro Progress in Animal Models of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Kaiwen kong, Meng Guo, Yanfang Liu, Jianming Zheng Archives of Clinical Microbiology Volume 10, Issue 3 Isolation of Pseudomonas Species and Extended Spectrum betalactamaseproducing emEscherichia coliem from Retail Imported Mackerel Frozen Fishes Sold inAbakaliki Metropolis Iroha IR, Okwuchukwu HN, Moses IB, Nwakaeze AE, Ugbo EN and Ude I Ude Metalloproteinases Sialidases and NADPH Oxidases as Key Enzymes involved in Atherosclerosis Development Anastasia V Poznyak, Dmitry A Kashirskikh, Victoria A Khotina, Andrey V Grechko and Alexander N Orekhov Archivos de Medicina Volume 15, Issue 2 Prevalencia de Anticuerpos Irregulares en Pacientes Transfundidos en MedelliacutenColombia 20162018 Luis Felipe Higuita Gutierrez, Jenniffer Floacuterez Duque, Alejandro Goacutemez Alvarez, Jaiver Patintildeo Carrentildeo Patrones de Consumo y Praacutecticas de Alimentacioacuten de Nintildeos con y sin Desnutricioacuten Estudio en un Aacuterea Rural de Peruacute Michelle LozadaUrbano, Doris Miranda, Judith Diacuteaz Contreras, Rociacuteo Narro, Rosario Bartolini Journal of Biomedical Sciences Volume 8, Issue 2 Morinda lucida Attenuates AcetaminophenInduced Oxidative Damage and Hepatotoxicity in Rats Didunyemi MO, Adetuyi BO and Oyebanjo OO miRNA Profiling in MCF7 Breast Cancer Cells Seeking a New Biomarker Hussein Sabit, Emre Cevik, Huseyin Tombuloglu, Katrine Farag, Osama AM Said, Shaimaa E AbdelGhany, Amany I Alqosaibi, Huseyin Bekir Yildiz, Ferhad Serag ElDeen, Eman Wagih6 and Mokhtar ElZawahri Investigation of Antioxidant Potentials of Acacia nilotica Ocimum sanctum and Alpinia nigra Hussain F, Md Islam A, Hossain MS and Rahman SMA Quality in Primary Care Volume 27, Issue 2 How a Resident Clinic Quality Improvement Initiative using Patient Health Cards can Serve as a Model for Improving Patient Care Andrew J Chin, Gurmat K Gill, Benita M Mathai, Sidrah Saleem, Hoang T Phung, Olabisi T Odukoya, Saadri Rashid, Danilo M Aurelio, Tamar Y Bejanishvili amp Jonathan H Wynbrandt Quality Assessment Of Family Planning Services Using Direct Observation And Exit Interview In Salt City Jordan European Journal of Experimental Biology Volume 9, Issue 2 Profiling the Nitrogen Efficiency Using Agricultural Engineering Technique of YARA ALS Tractor Senso Mohammad Hudzari Bin Haji Razali and Muhammad Nawab Hazim Bin Mohd Azhan Oral LD50 of total saponins and tannins isolated from Dialium guineense stem bark Abu OD, Adeogun EF and Ebhohon SO Impacts of Renal Denervation and Vagus Nerve Stimulation on Acute Renal Failure Induced by Renal Ischemia Reperfusion injury in Rat Model Mohamed H ElSayed, Zainab Eltayeb, Ahmed M Abdellah, Wessam E Morsy, Ghusoon A Bashady, Nada A Ebrahim and Karim M Ellabany The Role of the Gut in Parkinsons Disease Dominic Worku and Roseanna Matt Health Science Journal Volume 13, Issue 3 Major Approaches on the CADCAM System in Prosthodontics and Implants A Review Bruno Afonso Cortez Martinez, Idiberto Jose Zotarelli Filho and Livia Helena de Araujo Castro Nunes DNA and the Digital Data Storage Lichun Sun, Jun He, Jing Luo and David H Coy A Preliminary Review of the mHealth Apps Focused in Endometriosis and Chronic Pelvic Pain Fani Gkrozou and Natasha Waters Effect of Different Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Protocols on Muscle Mass in Intensive Care Unit Patients A Pilot Study Katsogianni A, Vasileiadis I, Petrocheilou G, Patsaki E, Sidiras G, Nanas S, Stranjalis G, Routsi C and Karatzanos E The Essential Public Health Services and How They Correspond to the 12 Principles of the Ethical Practice of Public Health in Competing Tuberculosis in South Africa Yussuf Ikram Mohamed Factors Influencing Absenteeism among Nursing Staff in the Primary Health Care Centers in Hail A Preliminary Study for Enhancing Staff Commitment Nashi Masnad Alreshidi, Rana Mohammad Alaseeri and Michelle Garcia Nutrition Security in India Determinants and Policies Deepali Sharma Investigation of the Presence of Heavy Metals and Other Contaminants in Labor Cosmetics and their Health Risks in General Luana Rossi Ruiz, Larissa dos Reis Velhamizar Ortiz, Taylane Soffener Berlanga de Oliveira, Ana Paula Bernardes da Rosa Maluf Abud, Carlos Alberto Buchala, Patriacutecia Garani Fernandes, Leandro Moreira Tempest and Idiberto Jose Zotarelli Filho Major Considerations on the Clinical Epidemiological Histopathological and Therapeutic Aspects of Ameloblastomas A Systematic Review Luciana Fortes Tosto Dias, Rogerio Luiz de Araujo Vian, Pedro Miguel Nunes, Henrique Esteves Magalhaes, Claudiane da Silva Maia do Carmo, Eduardo Costa Figueiredo Passos and Luciano Rodrigues Neves Optimising the Transition from Paediatric to Adult Care Model for People with Sickle Cell Disease a UK Multidisciplinary Consensus Statement Chakravorty S, Anie KA , Dziwinski S, Kaya B, Green E, Millanaise S, Musumadi L and Stevenson K Journal of Volume 13, Issue 2 Research on Motion Response and Sickness Incidence of the Fishing Boat in Heading and Quartering Seas Zhang BaoJi, Ma SongNan Nutritional Value of the Nile Crocodile Crocodylus niloticus Meal for Aquaculture Feeds in South Africa LuthadaRaswiswi RW1, Mukaratirwa S, OrsquoBrien G Effect of Stocking Density on Survival and Growth of Potamon ebonyicum Freshwater Crab Rupert C Akpaniteaku, Michael O Oguayo Diatomix A Diatoms Enhancer Nesara KM, Bedi CS Modeling the Population Dynamics of the Red Swamp Crayfish Procambarus clarkii in Doana Application to the Harvesting Strategies Paloma Alcorlo, Victor Noguerales, Salvador Mollaacute Acta Psychopathologica Volume 5, Issue 2 Prevention and Psychotherapy Downstreamand Upstream Models and Methods Margarida Gaspar de Matos, Tony Wainwright, Tania Gaspar, Janaiacutena Bianca Barletta and Carmen Beatriz Neufeld Mental Health among Syrian Immigrants in Iraq Firouzeh Sepehrianazar , Sara Qader Tilee and Margarida Gaspar de Matos Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Research Volume 7, Issue 2 Evaluation of InterferonGamma Interleukin 6 and Interleukin 10 in TuberculosisPatients in Umuahia Obeagu EI, Okoroiwu IL, Nwanjo HU and Nwosu DC Investigation of Some Haematological Parameters in Pregnant Women with Gestational Diabetes at Federal Medical Center Owerri Imo State Nigeria Okorie Hope, Obeagu Emmanuel Ifeanyi and Anaebo Queen Braxton N A Jot of Blood Sends Constable behind the Bars Justice by DNA Profiling Vaishali B Mahajan, Anjali P Kharade, Deepak Y Kudekar, Bhausaheb P More, Krishna V Kulkarni Effects on Pain and Mobility of a New Diet Supplement in Dogs with Osteoarthritis A Pilot Study Elisa Martello, Mauro Bigliati, Donal Bisanzio, Elena Biasibetti, Franco Dosio, Daniela Pastorino, Massimo DeNardi and Natascia Bruni Serum Tartrate Resistant Acid Phosphatase 5b in Beta Thalassemia Egyptian Patients Promising Biomarker of Iron Overload Oxidative Stress and Bone Disease Samir Ali Abd ElKaream An Evaluation of the Boditech iCHROMA ThyroidStimulating Hormone TSH Method Precision and Accuracy Bolodeoku J, Bains S, Pinkney S, Coker O, Kim TK and Anyaeche C An Assessment of Acceptance of Results as Generated by Clinical Laboratories in Mandeville Jamaica A Perspective of Physicians Operating in Mandeville Fabian Pitkin Diversity & Equality in Health and Care Volume 16, Issue 2 Comparison between HighlyTalented and LowTalented Nurses on their Characteristics and Qualityof Nursing Care Hanan A Alnuqaidan and Muayyad Ahmad The Association between Depression and Diabetesand Associated Risk Factors by RacialEthnic Statusamong Adults in Arizona Arizona Behavioral RiskFactor Surveillance System 20142017 Michelle SandovalRosario, Omar A Contreras, Carla Mercado, Kamil E Barbour, Timothy J Cunningham, Cecilia B Rosales Journal of Drug Abuse Volume 5, Issue 1 Analyses of the Public Health Impact of Cannabis Must Include the Health Benefits of Moderate Use Thomas M Clark Review on Factors Affecting Entry into Drug Abuse among Youths in Lafia MetropolisImplication on Security Moses U Ikoh, Sam O Smah, Innocent O Kwanya, Uhember A Clemeny, Zuwaira A Aposhi Mini Review on Systematic Evaluation of Psychometric Characteristics of the Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test 13Item Short SMAST and 10Item BriefBMAST Versions Gerta Bardhoshi and Bradley T Erford Archives in Cancer Research Volume 7, Issue 1 Features of the Visualization of Different Histologic Types of Hodgkins Lymphoma p about Positron Emission Tomography Combined with Computed Tomography Subbotin AS and Afanasyev NG Crucial Role of Curcumin Piperine and Taurine on Immunological Criteria in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients Abdeen SH, ElHouseini ME , Kashwaa F , ElSherbiny M , EzzAl AM , Kamel M , Abd ElHameed O and Salah A Evaluation of Target Definition for Stereotactic Reirradiation of Recurrent Glioblastoma Beyzadeoglu M, Sager O, Dincoglan F and Demiral S Risk Factors for Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Its Mortality Rate A Multicenter Study in Indonesia Jasirwan COM, Hasan I, Sulaiman AS, Gani RA, Lesmana CRA, Kurniawan J, Kalista KF and Nababan SH Persisting Dilemmas in Etiology and Challenges in Screening and Diagnosis of Cervical Precancer and Cancer Chhabra S Health Systems and Policy Research Volume 6, Issue 1 Behaviour Change CommunicationSocial Marketing in HIV AIDS Kiran Raj Awasthi and Mamata Sherpa Awasthi A Managerial Intervention to Strengthen the Healthy Organizational Culture in Major Health Care Facilities of Sri Lanka LACS Dahanayake, A Jasinghe and HHDNP Opatha Efficacy of Free Maternity Health Policy at Machakos Level 5 County Hospital Kenya An exploratory Qualitative study Elvis Gichuhi and Adelaide Lusambili Patientrsquos Expectations and Satisfaction with Nursing Care among Admitted Patients in Debra Tabor General Hospital Northern Ethiopia A Cross Sectional Study Mulu Demle Adane, Berhane Megerssa Ereso and Tilahun Fufa Debela Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology Volume 2, Issue 4 Laterally CutTunneling Technique for Resection of Esophagus Submucosal Tumor LiMian Er, NaNa An, LingYao Jin, XiuLi Zheng and MingLi Wu Abdominal Paracentesis Safety and Efficacy Comparing Medicine Resident Bedside Paracentesis vs Paracentesis Performed by Interventional Radiology Matthew Scott Berger, Vadim Divilov, Harold Paredes and Edward Sun Acute Renal Failure Related to Recto Sigmoid Diverticular Perforation Nadine Jansen Journal of Physiotherapy Research Volume 2, Issue 5 A Survey on Sports Physiotherapists Knowledge on Current Clinical Practice Regarding Concussion in Sports Anush Shukla and Deepti Sharma The Percentage of Occurrence of Turning Difficulty in Hemiplegic Stroke Survivors PeiJung Liang, JingYan Chen and ShuChun Lee Journal of Orthodontics & Endodontics Volume 4, Issue 4 The Maxillary Neurovascular Canals as theBasis for the Local Anesthesia Efficacy Dejan etkovi,Vera TodoroviSlobodan Marinkovi,Harun Hodi, Mirza Oru,Jelena Boljanovi Effects of Low Level Laser Therapyon Orthodontic Tooth Movement ASystematic Review Teena Maria Wilson,Sandhya Jain Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 3, Issue 4 Temporary Contraceptives by Rural Young Women Chhabra S Translational Biomedicine Volume 9, Issue 4 Influence of Cosolvents and Surfactants on the Rate Constant Log K of Sparfloxacin Ruth EG, Chika MJ Archives of Medicine Trends in Role of Periodontal Disease on Systemic Health The Role of Periodontal Disease in Etiology of Myocardial Infarction Stankovic B and Minic I CatScratch Disease in a Child with Ocular Involving A Case Report Mirri G, Cavagna R, Pontari S, Borrominia A, Martinelli N and Maggiore F Streptococcus Pneumoniae as an Unusual Aetiology of Meningitis Sepsis in a 72 Hours Newborn A Case Report Mirri G, Borrominia A, Martinelli N, Maggiore F, Casero D, Veronelli E and Agosti M Lung Ultrasound In Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Light Or More Shadow At Diagnosis AbdoCuza A, DiacuteazAacuteguila H , ValdeacutesSuarez O , CastellanosGutieacuterrez R , SuaacuterezLoacutepez J and MachadoMartiacutenez R Role of Periodontal Disease on Systemic Health Minic I