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Acta Psychopathologica Volume 5, Issue 2 Prevention and Psychotherapy Downstreamand Upstream Models and Methods Margarida Gaspar de Matos, Tony Wainwright, Tania Gaspar, Janaiacutena Bianca Barletta and Carmen Beatriz Neufeld Mental Health among Syrian Immigrants in Iraq Firouzeh Sepehrianazar , Sara Qader Tilee and Margarida Gaspar de Matos Diversity & Equality in Health and Care Volume 16, Issue 2 Comparison between HighlyTalented and LowTalented Nurses on their Characteristics and Qualityof Nursing Care Hanan A Alnuqaidan and Muayyad Ahmad The Association between Depression and Diabetesand Associated Risk Factors by RacialEthnic Statusamong Adults in Arizona Arizona Behavioral RiskFactor Surveillance System 20142017 Michelle SandovalRosario, Omar A Contreras, Carla Mercado, Kamil E Barbour, Timothy J Cunningham, Cecilia B Rosales Asian Journal of Plant Science & Research Volume 9, Issue 2 Impact of Lignification on Secondary Cell Wall Development A Review Mahabir Singh and Narender Singh Ecology and Diversity of Solanum trisectum Dunal From Madeira IslandImplications for Its Conservation Soacutenia Ferraz Alves, Faacutebio Reis, Dina Henriques, Gregoacuterio Freitas, Carla SS Gouveia, Francisco Manuel Fernandes and Miguel AA Pinheiro de Carvalho Genetic Diversity and Heritability Estimates among Ethiopian Finger Millet Eleusine coracanaL Gaertn Genotypes for Yield and Its Contributing Traits at Assosa Western Ethiopia Yaregal Damtie, Firezer Girma,Alemu Terfessa and Habtamu Demelash Phytocenosis Created by Leguminous Plants at Mil Steppe of Azerbaijan and Their Agricultural Importance Asadova KA Gurbanov EM and Mammadova ZJ Journal of Volume 13, Issue 1 Diversity LengthWeight Relationship and Condition Factor of Fishes in Gilo River and its Nearby Wetlands in Akobo District Gambella Region Ethiopia Gatriay Tut, Mulugeta Wakjira, Girum Tamire Influence of Crab Trap Geometry and Wind Direction over theCatch Fluctuations in a Neotropical Coastal Lagoon Thayna M Biehl, David V Dantas, Eduardo Guilherme Gentil de Farias Effect of Frozen Storage on the Chemical Composition of SandSmelt Atherina hepsetus Fish Burger and Finger ElLahamy AA, Khalil KI, ElSherif SA, Mahmud AA Methyl Farnesoate through Feed a Growth Manipulator in Female Crab Oziothelphusa Senex Senex Ramachandra Reddy P Archivos de Medicina Volume 15, Issue 1 Ecografiacutea Pulmonar en la Neumoniacutea Asociada a la Ventilacioacuten Mecaacutenica iquestLuz o maacutes Sombra al Diagnoacutestico Anselmo AbdoCuza, Heacutector DiacuteazAguila, Orlando Valdeacutes Suaacuterez, Roberto Castellanos Gutierrez, Juliette Suaacuterez Loacutepez, Rafael Machado Martinez Planificacioacuten Estrateacutegica y Modelos de Gestioacuten en Nutricioacuten Cliacutenica Olga Lucia Pinzoacuten Espitia, Mariacutea del Pilar Barrera Perdomo, Javier Leonardo Gonzaacutelez Rodriacuteguez Journal of Rare Disorders: Diagnosis & Therapy Volume 5, Issue 1 Cladribine in the Treatment of Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis A Summary of the Literature Marlies EHM van Hoef Health Science Journal Volume 13, Issue 2 Prevalence and Associated Factors of Urinary Tract Infections among Diabetic Patients Mehr Ali Shah, Yaman Walid Kassab, Muhammad Farooq Anwar, Hiba Khaled Al dahoul, Shashidharan Menon, H Jaasminerjiit Kaur, Misbah Ifzaal, Fares MS Muthanna and Wael Mahmoud Searan Method Development and Validation for the Determination of Purine Alkaloid Caffeine from Camellia sinensis by RPHPLC Method Sivagami B, Chandrasekar R, Mohammad Ali S, Vamshi Krishna R, Mounika B, Deepa P, Divya P and Lawrence R The Incidence and Circumstances of Needle Sticks Injury NSI Among Arab Nurses Students Comparative Study Hani A Nawafleh, Shalabia El Abozead, Fatma R Mohamed, Amal M Ahmed, Khalil I Altaif and Fakhria J Muhbes Mesial Temporal Sclerosis and Epilepsy A Case Report Awajimijan Nathaniel Mbaba, Michael Promise Ogolodom, Rufus Abam and Nengi Alazigha Analysis of Gender Differences in Disaster Preparedness for Nankai Trough Earthquake Megumi Fujii and Sakiko Kanbara Variation in Frequency of Coitus during Different Trimesters of Pregnancy Sarmad Muhammad Soomar The Pathogenesis and Therapeutics of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma JiQun He, Lichun Sun, Jun He, Chenhong Zhu, Ping Li, Jun Lei, Quanyong He, Vienna Mackey, Zhen Lin, Pengfei Cheng and David H Coy An 8year Retrospective Study on Trends of Incidence and Treatment Outcome of Bacteriologically Confirmed Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Libya Mawaheb Shelli, Fatima Almhalhel and Mohamed Alfurjani The Effect of Reinforcement on the Teaching of Reading to Children with Learning Disabilities Literatures Review Mohammad Dhiabat and Esraa Jawdat Tawalbeh Effects of a New Sensory ReEducation Training Tool on Hand Sensibility Manual Dexterity and Functional Activities of Daily Living in People with Traumatic Brachial Plexus Injury Pilot Study Odeyoyin Yusuph Abiodun and Shilpa Immanuel Voola Journal of Neurology and Neuroscience Volume 10, Issue 2 Seizure Prediction with Adaptive Feature Representation Learning Hafeez A Agboola, Colette Solebo, David S Aribike, Afolabi E Lesi and Alfred A Susu Relationship between Cytochrome emP450em emG1347Aem Gene Polymorphism and Risk of Ischemic Stroke in North Indian Population A CaseControl Study Ram Sagar, Amit Kumar, Shubham Misra, Pradeep Kumar, Ritesh Raj, Arti Gulati and Kameshwar Prasad Hopelessness Leading to Selfharm and Suicide Shumaila Khadim Ali and Sarmad Muhammad Soomar Comparison of Direct Endovascular Treatment Versus Thrombolysis and Rescueendovascular Treatment for Patients with M1M2 Occlusion A Reallife Retrospective Study Stefan Mausbach, Alexandra Gerasimova, Zersquoev Itsekson, Noit Brown, Yvonne Schwammenthal, Oleg Merzlyak, Mati Bakon and David Orion The Efficacy of Bisphosphonate to Increase the Skull Density Ratio of MRIguided Focused Ultrasound Candidates with Brain Disorders Hisashi Ito, Jordi Rumiagrave, Shigeru Fukutake, Kazuaki Yamamoto, Toshio Yamaguchi, Takaomi Taira and Tetsumasa Kamei Clinical Manifestations of Neurosarcoidosis inthe Netherlands Mareye Voortman, Daan Fritz, Oscar JM Vogels, Diederik Van De Beek, Jolanda De Vries, Matthijs C Brouwer, Marjolein Drent JOP. Journal of the Pancreas Volume 20, Issue 2 Can Sapropterin Dihydrochloride Trigger Autoimmunity Atilla Ccedilayr, Erdal Kurnaz, Alev Cansu Ayan, Oumlzlem Uumlnal Symptomatic Intrahepatic Heterotopic Pancreas A Case Report and Brief Review Luiz Eduardo Correia Miranda, Laeacutecio Leitatildeo, Martha Saacute, Claacuteudio M Lacerda Effect of Chloride Administration in the Therapy of Acute Pancreatitis A Retrospective Analysis of 493 Cases Gunther Weitz, Felix Miernik, Florian Baumlr, Juumlrgen Buumlning, Inke R Koumlnig Surgical Treatment of Solitary Malignant Melanoma Metastasis to the Pancreas Single Department Experience and Literature Review Luis Ferreira, Mar Achalandabaso, Henrique Alexandrino, Justin Geoghegan, Kevin Conlon Utility of Presepsin for Diagnosis of Infected Acute Necrotizing Pancreatitis Oleksandr Rotar, Igor Khomiak, Michail Nazarchuck, Vasyl Rotar, Andrii Khomiak, Krishna Taneja, Sitlana Railianu Incidental Presentation of A PancreaticoColonic FistulaCase Report and Literature Review Mar Achalandabaso Boira, Luis Ferreira, Caroline Conlon, Caroline Conlon Intraoperative Celiac Plexus Neurolysis Combined with FreyrsquosProcedure for Effective Pain Relief in Patients with Chronic CalcificPancreatitis A Randomized DoubleBlind Placebo Controlled TrialINFARCT Trial Balakumaran Sathyamoorthy, Karthick Rajendran, Bennett Duraisamy, Prabhakaran Raju, Amudhan Anbalagan, Kannan Devy Gounder Archives of Clinical Microbiology Volume 10, Issue 1 FersisPhage against PurulentInflammatory Staphylococcal Streptococcal Pathologies Gabisonia T, Giorgadze I, Topuria N, Chanishvili L, Nadiradze M, Chakhunashvili N, Katamadze T, Loladze M, Tamarashvili N, Alibega Svili M, Kalandarishvili T and Eliava T Proof of Concept Evaluation of a New Diagnostic POCT Device for Culture Independent Microbiological Diagnosis of Infective Endocarditis Matthias Karrasch, Wolfgang Pfister, Mahmoud Diab, Torsten Doenst, Bettina Loumlffler and Juumlrgen Roumldel Quality in Primary Care Volume 27, Issue 1 From Screening To Triaging Timely Referral And Specialist Treatment Striving For A Paradigm Shift In Cardiac Care For The Lastmile Population In Rajasthan India nbspDipanjan Sujit Roy, Arvind Rinkoo, Anand Kumar Panjiyar, Dinesh Songara, Kavita Kachroo, Apao D, Ambey Srivastava, Rajesh Ranjan Singh amp Rakesh Kumar Srivastava Soliciting Patients Goals for Care on Hospital Discharge the Gateway to Shared Decisionmaking Alice M Beckman, Melissa Wendland, Eva Cohen, Brenda Bartock, Jeanne Chirico Howard Beckman Health Systems and Policy Research Volume 6, Issue 1 Behaviour Change CommunicationSocial Marketing in HIV AIDS Kiran Raj Awasthi and Mamata Sherpa Awasthi A Managerial Intervention to Strengthen the Healthy Organizational Culture in Major Health Care Facilities of Sri Lanka LACS Dahanayake, A Jasinghe and HHDNP Opatha Efficacy of Free Maternity Health Policy at Machakos Level 5 County Hospital Kenya An exploratory Qualitative study Elvis Gichuhi and Adelaide Lusambili Patientrsquos Expectations and Satisfaction with Nursing Care among Admitted Patients in Debra Tabor General Hospital Northern Ethiopia A Cross Sectional Study Mulu Demle Adane, Berhane Megerssa Ereso and Tilahun Fufa Debela European Journal of Experimental Biology Volume 9, Issue 1 Maize Yield Response under Various Phosphorus Sources and their Ratios Waqar Ali, Mukhtiar Ali, Abid Kamal, Muhammad Uzair, Nasr Ullah, Muhammad Daud Khan and Mussaddiq Khan Khalil Study of the Airborne Fungal Spores in Rosetta Egypt Wafaa K Taia, Mohamed I Ibrahim and Eman M Bassiouni Viewing Climate Change Impact through Maize Varietal Sowing at Variant Intervals Shabir Muhammad, Ishaq Ahmad Mian and Muhammad Fawad Brutons Tyrosine Kinase Btk Inhibitor Tirabrutinib Prevents the Development of Murine Lupus Yuko Ariza, Masayuki Murata, Yoshiko Ueda and Toshio Yoshizawa Plant Growth Inhibitory Activity of Goniothalamus andersonii Bark Incorporated with Soil on Selected Plants Raihan Ismil, Nobuhiro Hirai and Yoshiharu Fujii Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology Volume 2, Issue 4 Laterally CutTunneling Technique for Resection of Esophagus Submucosal Tumor LiMian Er, NaNa An, LingYao Jin, XiuLi Zheng and MingLi Wu Abdominal Paracentesis Safety and Efficacy Comparing Medicine Resident Bedside Paracentesis vs Paracentesis Performed by Interventional Radiology Matthew Scott Berger, Vadim Divilov, Harold Paredes and Edward Sun Acute Renal Failure Related to Recto Sigmoid Diverticular Perforation Nadine Jansen Journal of Biomedical Sciences Volume 8, Issue 1 Influence of Saliva on Structure Mechanical Properties and Bacteria Adhesion of CobaltChromium based Dental Alloy Abu Bakr ElBediwi and Samar ElKhaligy Reduction of Zinc in the Body as a Risk of Developing Early Liver Damage in the Adult Population of the Aral Sea Region Batyrbekova LS, Amanbekova AU and Baymanova AM Chromosomal Microarray Analysis Uncovers Pathogenic Copy Number Variations in Unexplained Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Congenital Anomalies Saurabh Kumar Bhattacharya, Leena Rawa, Shiba Ranjan Mishra, Richa Malhotra, Sumit and Vandana Lal Biophysical Interaction of Propylthiouracil with Human and Bovine Serum Albumins Husain Alsamamra, Musa Abuteir and Saqer Darwish Targeting Mitochondrial Biogenesis in Rat Brain for Treatment of Depression Hesham A ElBeshbishy, Hesham M ElRefaey, Hasan S AlAmry, Rabab A Ali, Mohammed A Hassanien and Ramadan A Saad Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Research Volume 7, Issue 1 The Quality of Healthcare Rendered in the Regional Hospital Bamenda North West Cameroon and Assessing the Patients Experiences Bodzewan Emmanuel Fonyuy and Abimnui Patience Wayih Implementation of an Electronic Quality Management System using QPulse The KEMRIWellcome Trust Research Laboratories Experience Horace Gumba, Brett Lowe, Moses Mosobo , Susan Njuguna , Jennifer Musyoki and Barnes Kitsao Validation of the ARK Methotrexate Reagent for the Determination of Methotrexate in Serum Samples Marta Rico Rodriacuteguez, Mariacutea Delas Mercedes Calero Ruiz and Nelia Jimeacutenez Valencia Acute Leukemias in Marrakech Epidemiology and Cytological Profile Dounya Bounid and Khalil Haouach Factors Affecting Blood and Blood Product Replacement in Patients Admitted to the Intensive Care Unit due to Postpartum Hemorrhage Osman Uzundere and Cem Kivilcim Kacar Are Albumin and Lactate Predictive Indicators for Mortality in Critically Ill Patients with Acute Kidney Injury Cem Kivilcim Kacar and Osman Uzundere Giant Scrotal Lymphedema A Presentation of Rare Urogenital Disease A Case Report Tillyashaykhov MN, Boyko Ye V, Aloev BB, Abdusamatov NT, Khasanov Sh T, Tillyashaykhova RM, Ziyaev YF and Ubaydullaeva HO Primary Ethmoidal Sinus Extranodal Lymphoma A Rare Case Jamuneswary Selvarajoo and Sakina G Nasal Extramedullary Plasmacytoma A Rare Case Jamuneswary Selvarajoo, Jasmine Kho Pei Ying and Ing Ping Tang Percutaneous Transforaminal Endoscopic Discectomy for Lumbar Disc Herniation A Retrospective Study Shun Li, Xiang Wu, ZhongWei Ji, Bin Ru, Quan Wan, WenBo Diao and YunFei Niu Journal of Physiotherapy Research Volume 2, Issue 5 A Survey on Sports Physiotherapists Knowledge on Current Clinical Practice Regarding Concussion in Sports Anush Shukla and Deepti Sharma The Percentage of Occurrence of Turning Difficulty in Hemiplegic Stroke Survivors PeiJung Liang, JingYan Chen and ShuChun Lee Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 3, Issue 4 Temporary Contraceptives by Rural Young Women Chhabra S Medical & Clinical Reviews Volume 4, Issue 4 Role of Vitreous in Pathogenesis of Diabetic Retinopathy Yuldasheva NM, Alieva AV, Kushalieva FA and Ilyasov S Stress and Dental Problems Assessment of Stress Levels in Patients Visiting for Dental Treatment Running Title Stress Levels in Patients Visiting for Dental Treatment Abhishek Singh Nayyar Translational Biomedicine Volume 9, Issue 4 Influence of Cosolvents and Surfactants on the Rate Constant Log K of Sparfloxacin Ruth EG, Chika MJ