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Archives of Clinical Microbiology Volume 11, Issue 1 Seroprevalence of Toxoplasma gondii IgG and IgM Antibodies and Associated Risks Factors in Tuberculosis Patients Admitted at the Bamenda Regional Hospital NW Cameroon Noubom Michel, Leonard Fonkeng Sama, Oulianovie Guessom Kamgue, Valery Pacome Tchenkam, Elvis Chongsi Wamnbspand Tume Christopher B MultiDrug Resistance Pattern of Staphylococcus aureus from Pediatric ward General Hospital IkotEkpaw Mkpat Enin LGA AkwaIbom State Nigeria Ibanga IA, Akan OD, Uyanga FZ, Mantu ECnbspand Asuquo Mnbsp The Comparison Detection of Cytokines IL6 and IL12 from Spleen Cells and Serums in Balbc Mice after Immunization with Killed P multocida Vaccines Coformulated with Bacterial DNAs as Adjuvant Maryam Homayoon, Yahya Tahamtannbspand Mohammad Kargarnbsp Clinical Profile of Adult Patients Suffering from Scrub Typhus in Kasturba Hospital Wardha Central India A Study of 125 Patients Neeraj Dodake, Jain AP and Mansee Bhagatnbsp Efficacy of Chewing Sticks Extract on the Agent of Dental Carries Isolates Adeoti OM, Adedoja SA, Adedokun EO, Olaoye OJ, Abiola AO and Okesipe FO Prevalence of Community Acquired Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Nasal Carriage among Children of Consultation Experience of a Moroccan University Hospital Eddyb S, Aboudourib M, Azzouzi F, Quiddi W, Akhdari N, Amal S, Soraa Nnbspand Hocar Onbsp Study of E coli Pathogens Causing Intestinal Infections and Use of Bacteriophage PreparationColi Phage Taras Gabisonia, Manana Loladze, Maia Zarnadze, Nino Kekenadze, Mariam Lomidze, Natia Tamarashvili, Giorgi Gabisonia, Teimuraz Beridze, Mariam Pkhaladze, Robert Mirzikashvili and Irakli Chkhetianbsp Health Science Journal Volume 14, Issue 1 Protein Microarray Analysis of SolubleBiomarkers in Fertile and PostmenopausalWomen in Relation to Obesity Bone Statusand Blood Cell Populations Mira Horvathova, Michaela Szabova, Kornelia Stefikova, Jana Tulinska, Zora Krivosikova, Viera Spustova, Aurelia Liacuteskova and Martin Gajdos DataDriven Statistical Modeling andAnalysis of the Survival Times of MultipleMyeloma Cancer Mamudu L and Tsokos CP The Relationship between NursesJob Satisfaction and OrganizationalCommitment Afaf Hakami, Hessa Almutairi, Raid Alsulyis, Turki Al Rrwis and Abdullah Al Battal Covariates on Vision Problems and theirRelationship of Rajshahi Medical CollegeHospital RMCH Most Mira Khatun, Provash Kumar Karmokar, Azim Anwar AFM and Anwarul Kader M Professional Development of NurseEducators Results of Focus Groups ofJordanian Nurses Shudifat M Effects of Orally Ingested PaprikaXanthophylls on Respiratory Metabolismduring Endurance Exercise Study Protocolfor an Interventional Randomised Mizuki Yamada, Tomoka Matsuda, Takashi Ichihara and Mikako SakamakiSunaga M Medical and Therapeutic Applications ofKetosis An Overview Michael Paden Smith Relationship Among Blood Boron Level Diabetes Mellitus Lipid Metabolism Bone Metabolism and Obesity Can Boron Be An Efficient Indicator for Metabolic Dissesases Ruken Esra Demirdogen Archives of Medicine Volume 12, Issue 1 The Impact of Body Morphology on Rotation on Chest Radiograph A Single Centre Study Ogoke AO, Ugwu AC, Ugwuanyi DC, Ohagwu CC, Ogolodom MP, Mbaba AN, Maduka BU and Obinnaya UE Urethrovesical Foreign Body in Adolescents Two Case Reports Slawomir Kiepura, Malgorzata Tomiczek and Alina Kos Journal of Oral Medicine Volume 3, Issue 6 Conference on Dentistry and Oral Health Chad M Rasmussen Awards 2020 on Dentistry and Oral Health Chad M Rasmussen Diversity & Equality in Health and Care Volume 17, Issue 1 Navigating the Tide Health Science Student and Faculty of Color Academic Experiences Elizabeth Ching and Alondra Ammon Determinants of Diet Quality in a Pacific Islander Community Hudson Jnbsp, Shulz T, Hyecheon KimYeary K, Capelle L, Riklon L, Long CR, English E, Ayers BL Journal of Oral Medicine Volume 3, Issue 5 International Conference on Dental Research and Dental Treatments July 2425 2020 Vancouver Canada Amr Abouzeid Announcement 2020 on Dentistry Dental Marketing Amr Abouzeid Market Analysis 2020 on 26th World Congress on Dentistry and OralHealth Chad M Rasmussen ANNOUNCEMENT 2020 on Dentistry and Oral Health Chad M Rasmussen Awards on Dental Research and Dental Treatments Amr Abouzeid Announcement 2020 Conference on Dental Research and Dental Treatments Amr Abouzeid Quality in Primary Care Volume 28, Issue 1 Successful Implementation of Double blind Placebo controlled Food Challenge for Suspected Cows Milk Protein Allergy in Youth Health Care Experiences from a Municipal Healthcare Service in the Netherlands Dambacher WM, Dingemanse HS, Vrieze GR amp Esther de Vries Electronic Journal of Biology Volume 16, Issue 1 Market Analysis 2020 6th World congress on Medicinal Plants AndMarine Drugs DrAntony Gomes Spine Research Volume 5, Issue 3 Young Researchers Awards Young Scientist Awards Best Poster Awards at International Conference on Spine and Spinal Disorders conference Canero Gianfranco Young Researchers Awards Young Scientist Awards Best Poster Awards atInternational Conference on Spine and Spinal Disorders conference International Conference on Spine and Spinal Disorders Market Analysis American Journal of Advanced Drug Delivery Volume 7, Issue 3 Pharmacovigilance Drug Safety 2020 Pawan Saharan Pharmacovigilance 2020 31st International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmacovigilance Drug Safety Pharmacovigilance Drug Safety 2020 Conference 13th International Conference Exhibition on Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety Conference Pawan Saharan Market Analysis on Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design Salma Elmallah Global Market Analysis on Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery System Alain L Fymat Exhibition on Pharmacovigilance Drug Safety Pawan Saharan Approaches New Practises of Advancement in Pharmaceutical Sciences Jason Haxton 20th World Congress on Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design Salma Elmallah Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology Volume 3, Issue 4 2020 Conference Announcement of 3rd International Conference on Hepatitis Jeetendra Singh Translational Biomedicine Volume 10, Issue 4 Awards at Personalized Medicine 2020 Mama Fatungase Updating Personalized Medicine Conferences for Changing Lives Gerald Tan Awards 2020 of the 25th International Conference on Diabetes Endocrinology and Healthcare Eddouks M Acta Psychopathologica Volume 6, Issue 1 Psychoanalysis Humanizing Mental Health Alberto de Bellis Insights in Pediatric Cardiology Volume 3, Issue 2 Conference Announcement 34th International Conference on Neonatology and Perinatology scheduled on August 2122 2020 Paris France Krzysztof Piotrowski Market AnalysisNeonatology conference 2020 scheduled on 2122 August 2020 at Neonatology conference 2020scheduled on 2122 August 2020 at Paris France Krzysztof Piotrowski 2020 Announcement of International Conference on Pediatric Cardiology Meghana Nannapaneni 2020 Awards for International Conference on Pediatric Cardiology Meghana Nannapaneni 2020 Market Analysis of International Conference on Pediatric Cardiology Meghana Nannapaneni Research Contribution and Achievement Ankit Agrawal 35th World Cardiology Conference scheduled on October 2627 2020 at Rome Italy Sergey Suchkov Quality in Primary Care Volume 27, Issue 6 Healthcare Providers Experience And Satisfaction With Outpatient NutritionFocused Quality Improvement Initiatives Colangelo FR, Moukamal E, Kerr K, Sulo S Improving The Primary Care Management Of Preschool Children With Recurrent Acute Respiratory Tract Infections In The Czech Republic Prompt Use Of Erdosteine Can Reduce Antibiotic Prescribing Frantisek Kopriva,nbspVendula Latalova Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 4, Issue 4 Reproductive Health Asia Pacific Conference was scheduled during March 2627 2020 at Kyoto Japan Prof Mohamed Najimudeen Euro Womens Health 2020 for 3rd Annual Congress on Womens Health Wellness and Reproductive Medicine Baojun Xu Archivos de Medicina Volume 15, Issue 4 Caacutenula Nasal AltoFlujo CNAF Puesta al diacutea Nicolaacutes Colaianni Alfonso,nbspMauro Castro Sayat Amiodarona y su Papel en la Disfuncioacuten Tiroidea La Importancia del Conocimiento y Seguimiento Joseacute de Jesuacutes Bohoacuterquez Rivero, Angeacutelica Sofiacutea AlvearOroacutezco, Milton Manuel RiveraMoreno, Estefany RiveraMoreno and Joseacute Gabriel RestomArrieta Epigeneacutetica y Enfermedades Croacutenicas no Transmisibles Javier CahuanaBerrocal, Guillermo DonadoGamez, Lina BarrosoMartiacutenez, Natalia GonzaacutelezRedondo, Ismael LizarazuDiazgranados and Jesuacutes IglesiasAcosta Osteomielitis de la Base del Craacuteneo y Otras Complicaciones Secundarias a Otitis Media Aguda Detectadas por Tomografiacutea Craneal Simple en un Paciente Pediaacutetrico Reporte de un Caso SantosFernaacutendez WJ, CasasMurillo C, OrdontildeezRivas FO and Claudia Yasbek RG European Journal of Experimental Biology Volume 9, Issue 5 CeftolozaneTazobactam A New Treatment option against MultiDrug Resistant Salmonella typhi Lubna Farooq, Muhammad Rashid Ahmed, Shaikh Nadeem Ahmed, Asif Ahmed, Akhtar Ali, Anum Mahmood and Humaira Arif Mark on Your Calendar Stem Cell 2020 is coming soon Ahmed Hegazi Past Conference report on Successful Completion of 2nd International Conference on Stem Cell in Park Inn by Radisson Stockholm Hammarby Sjostad on May 1314 2019 Ahmed Hegazinbsp Journal of Intensive and Critical Care Volume 5, Issue 4 39th World Nursing and Healthcare Conference Sinisa Franjic Conference Announcement Neurology 2020 Rodger A Liddle Past Conference Report Neurology 2019 Rodger A Liddle Awards 2020 of the 39th World Nursing and Healthcare Conference Sinisa Franjic Journal of Neurology and Neuroscience Volume 10, Issue 6 NEUROLOGISTS MEET 2020 Loai Mohammad Fakhery Bani Issa Market Analysis on EuroNeuro 2020 Aage Moller Awards at EuroNeuro 2020 Aage Moller Neuroscience 2020 Awards James Wilson 3rd International Congress on Neurology and Psychology was Scheduled During October 2223 2020 at Tokyo Japan James Wilson Conference Announcement on 29th Euro Neuro Congress on Neurologists and Neuroscience Education Aage Moller