Diet for a Diabetes Patient

Chris Marshal*

Department of Endocrinology, Catholic University of Leuve, Belgium

*Corresponding Author:
Chris Marshal Department of Endocrinology, Catholic University of Leuve, Belgium, Email:

Received: December 06, 2021; Accepted: December 20, 2021; Published: December 27, 2021

Citation: Chris M (2021) Diet for a Diabetes Patient. J Food Sci Toxico.Vol.5 No.4 e001

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Diabetes Mellitus is a condition which is related to blood sugar levels. This has been a common disorder these days which many of the people are suffering. Diabetes is of two types, Type 1 Diabetes is situation where the insulin is not produced by the beta cells of pancreas. In type 2 Diabetes the will be lesser production of insulin which is insufficient. Usually once the diabetic conditions it cannot be totally eliminated but, it can be controlled, this can be done through diet and proper exercise. One of the major causes for the Type 2 Diabetes is unhealthy food habits and overweight.

Diet plan is very crucial part in management of diabetes. The ideal foods which are recommended for diabetes patient are

• Green Leafy Vegetables: These are great sources of Vitamin C and it is considered that lower Vitamin C levels can result in Diabetes.

• Avacado: It helps in weight loss and avocado has a fat molecule that inhibits the oxidation of pancreas and skeletal muscle which results in the decline the insulin resistance, which affects the blood sugar levels.

• Extra virgin Olive oil: It has a great positive effect on the blood sugar levels and it contains polyphenols which helps to fight with LDL which lead to heart problems.

• Eggs and Fatty Fish: Both of them are great sources of HDL and fish meat contains DHA which is very healthy. They reduce the risk of heart problems.

• Beans: Beans one of the best food which has good amount of fibre, Vitamin B and minerals like Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium.

• Nuts: They are believed to reduce the levels of sugar in the blood and even control the LDL levels and reduce the heart related issues.

• Brocolli: It has a constituent called Sulforafane which reduces the glycemic levels of blood and it is also a good source of carbohydrates, Magnesium and Vitamin C.

• Squash: These are also a good variety to try as they have less sugar level and also contain antioxidants. The Polysaccharide present in the squash is believed to reduce the insulin resistance and fight diabetes.

• Strawberries: They have anthocyanin and polyphenols which increase the insulin sensitivity hence help in regulating the blood sugar levels.

People with diabetes need to avoid foods like starchy materials, sweetened beverages, packed foods, candies alcohol and processed meats. If one follows the plate method it would be easy to maintain the glucose level of the food taken. Half of the plate must be filled with vegetables with does not contain starch like Baby corn, Bean sprouts, Celery, Cucumber, Mushrooms, Sprouts, Onions. One quarter of the plate must include proteins like chicken, fish, prawns, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, milk, yoghurt, pumpkin seeds and the other quarter of the plate must contain carbohydrates like fruits, such as apples, berries and melons, brown rice, oatmeal.

Diabetes can be controlled by maintaining a perfect diet and performing exercises. It is not a such a critical problem but if it is not controlled it might lead to many related disorders.


A person must take diet that meets his regular nutrient levels and helps in maintaining a healthy body.

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