Aim and Scope

Journal of Food Science and Toxicology  an internationally renowned journal, that publishes original research articles and reviews on toxic effects, in animals and humans, of natural or synthetic chemicals occurring in the human environment with particular emphasis on food, drugs, and chemicals, including agricultural and industrial safety, and consumer product safety. Areas such as safety evaluation of novel foods and ingredients, biotechnologically-derived products, and nanomaterials are included in the scope of the journal.

The Journal publishes the recent development in the field of:

•    Bioprocess and Process in Food
•    Crop Biotechnology
•    Food Additives
•    Food and Beverages
•    Food Biotechnology
•    Food Borne Pathogens
•    Food Contaminants and Environmental Pollutants
•    Food Fortification
•    Food Hygiene and Toxicology
•    Food Microbiology
•    Food Poisoning
•    Food Safety and Quality
•    Food Science
•    Genetically Modified Food
•    Innovative and Emerging Technology
•    Pest Management
•    Plant Nutrition
•    Techniques for Assessing Potential Toxicity