The olive, renowned by the botanic name olive, which means "European olive", may be a species of tiny tree within the Oleaceae, found historically within the Mediterranean Basin. The species is cultivated altogether the countries of the Mediterranean, also as in South America, African nation, Australia, New Sjaelland and also the us. olive is that the species for the magnoliopsid genus.

The olive's fruit, conjointly referred to as the olive, is of major agricultural importance within the Mediterranean region because the supply of olive oil; it's one in all the core ingredients in Mediterranean culinary art. The tree and its fruit provide their name to the family,  that conjointly includes species like lilacs, jasmine, Forsythia, and also the true ash trees

The fruit tree, olive, is AN evergreen tree or bush native to the Mediterranean, Asia, and Africa. it's short and squat, and barely exceeds 8–15 m (26–49 ft) tall. 'Pisciottana', a novel selection comprising forty,1000 trees found solely within the space around Pisciotta within the Italian region of southern Italia usually exceeds this, with correspondingly giant trunk diameters.

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