Simultaneous Determination of Nine Elements and Statistical Comparison of Elemental Contamination in Cocoa-Chocolate Based, Milk Based and Fruit Flavored Candies

Candies pronunciation is just enough for arousing the need of tasting it, very especially to the children. As children are the most sensitive group of population, presence of any kind of toxicants in their frequently consumed food products can cause serious health problems. In to the view of this, an approach has been made to estimate the quantity of nine trace toxic elements in three different types of commonly available candies (67 samples) i.e. chocolate based, milk based, and fruit flavored candies. The trace elements were found relatively high in chocolate based candies followed by milk based and fruit flavored candies. The present study enlightens the international food safety authorities to implement strict permissible limits of trace elements in candies. The statistical approach of multiple discriminant analysis model was also used in this study to exhibit the inter-comparison of elemental contamination in similar type of candy samples which in turns proves the non-uniformity and improper manufacturing and processing of candies especially milk based candies.

Author(s): Rupender Kumari*, Devendra K. Patel, Vindresh Mishra, B Badoniya

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