Determination of Some Major and Trace Elements in Tomato Cultivated in Selected Areas of Tigray: Northern Ethiopia

The aim of this study was to determine the concentration of major and trace elements in tomato around selected areas of Tigray, Northern Ethiopia. The heavy metal analysis was done using Flame Atomic Absorption spectroscopy (FAAS).The Mean concentration of metals (ppm) recorded for tomato found in the four sites: Shire Fe > Ca > Zn >Mn> K >Mg> Cu > Pb > Ni > Cd > Cr; Adwa Fe > Zn > Ca > Mn > Mg > K >Cu >Pb> Cr > Ni > Cd; Wukro Fe> Ca > Zn > K >Mn> Mg >Pb>Ni = Cu >Cr >Cd; and Alamata Fe > Ca > Zn > Mn > K > Mg > Cu > Ni > Cd > Cr >Pb. In all study areas; higher concentrations of Fe, Ca and Zn were recorded and concentration of Cd and Cr was found lower in the sites. The recorded metal concentration shows that except for Pb and Cd all values werefound below the WHO permissible limits. The metal content of soil samples was also recorded in the four cites all values were under the permissible limits set for irrigation soil. The analyzed metal content in water samples was under WHO permissible limits used for irrigation purpose. Hence, Cd and Pb were above the maximum permissible limit by WHO. Pb and Cd concentrations might pose undesirable effect on the health of the communityand they are toxic lesser naturally. So, this indicates the tomatoes grown in the areas need to get attention for the heavy metal risks.

Author(s): Shewit Masho1*, Mekonen Tirfua1, Meressa Abrhaa1, TekleweyniAssefa1

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