Genetics & Molecular Biology Journals

Genetics is a biological science that involves the study of genes or heredity in living beings, including humans. Although genetics is a biological science, it is highly interdisciplinary in nature as it often collaborates with other life sciences and it is closely linked with the study of information systems. Traditionally, ‘Genetics’ discussed the way the characteristic traits of the organism are inherited or passed on from one generation to the next. Of late the 21st century researchers have extended the study of genetics beyond the inheritance study and extended to study the structure, function, variations, and distribution of genes within the context of the cell, the organism and population. This gives way to emergence of several sub-fields within this field, such as epigenetics and population genetics. Genetics broadly covers the domains of life, plants, animals, microorganism and human.

Molecular biology deals with the biological activity at the molecular level. It is a biological science that overlaps with Genetics and Biochemistry. It generally studies biological activity between the various systems of a cell that includes DNA, RNA, proteins, and their biosynthesis. Until 1960s the researchers studied molecular biology by isolating and manipulating

Genetics & Molecular Biology Conferences

23rd Global Congress on Biotechnology

London, UK

14th Annual Conference on Stem Cell and Biomaterials

Prague, Czech Republic

EuroSciCon Conference on Cell and Gene Therapy

Prague, Czech Republic

2nd Edition of EuroSciCon Conference on StemCell

Osaka, Japan

EuroSciCon Conference on BioSciences

Osaka, Japan

16th World Congress on Structural Biology

Amsterdam, Netherlands

World Congress on Genetics & Genetic Disorders

Dubai, UAE

11th Tissue Repair and Regeneration Congress

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

13th Annual Conference on Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

23rd World Congress on Biotechnology

Amsterdam, Netherlands

4th International Conference on Protein Engineering

Helsinki, Finland

5th Annual Meet on Structural Biology

Dublin, Ireland

6th World Food Quality & Safety Congress

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

14th International Conference on Genomics & Pharmacogenomics

Vancouver, Canada

24th European Biotechnology Congress

Berlin, Germany

World Biotechnology Congress

Rome, Italy

International Conference On Genomics and Molecular Biology

Lisbon, Portugal

International Conference on Toxicogenomics

Bali, Indonesia

International Conference on Foot and Ankle Surgeons

Dubai, UAE