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Background and objectives

Traumatic perforation of tympanic membrane is a very common finding in ear trauma. This can occur in while fighting, household violence, abuse, slapping, road traffic accidents etc.Proper note of condition of tympanic membrane should be kept as this is a grievous hurt (Indian Penal Code 320).Symptoms of traumatic perforation of tympanic membranes are Pain (which usually subsides within 1-2 days) Decreased hearing (improves as tympanic membrane heals if there is no ossicular disruption) Tinnitus, Bleeding from ears etc. Generally prognosis of traumatic perforation of tympanic membrane where there is no occicular disruption is very good. Our Study was to compare the outcomes of treatment modality of traumatic perforation of tympanic membranes where (Group A) one group with wait and watch technique and another (Group B) group with where patients were given combination ear drop (ofloxacin+clotrimazole +dexamethazone + lignocaine).

Materials and Method

A prospective and observational study was undertaken from October 2017 to October 2019. It was conducted in the department of Otorhinolaryngology, Kalla Central Hospital, Eastern Coal Field, Asansol, and West Bengal India.


The total numbers of cases were 50.Average patients age group were 15-52. The numbers of male patients were 27 and female 23. Follow up of cases were done on 3th day ,20th day, 40th day and 60thh day of first visit. Group a patients where we adopted wait and watch method on 20th days of follow-ups 28 %( 7/25 ) patients perforations healed completely, 60% (15/25) healed on 40th day and rest 12 %( 3/25) were not healed on 60th days follow-ups. On the other hand group B patients where we were using combination ear drop (Ofloxacin +Clotrimazole +Dexamethazone + Lignocaine)28% (7/25) completely healed on 20thdays of follow-ups, 64 %(16/25) healed on 40thday and 8% (2/25) failed to heal on 60thday.So,overall success rate on group A was 88% (22/25),whereas group B was92%(23/25). Minimal difference in outcome in 2 groups was noted.


Addition of ear drops does not change prognosis of traumaticear drum perforation .Antibiotic, antifungal drops can be given to prevent infection further more for patient satisfaction but this does not change natural course of disease process.

Author(s): Nirupama Moran, Diptesh Bandyopadhyay1

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