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  • Brandon M. Korman

    Chief of Neuropsychology, Psychology Division, Nicklaus Children?s Hospital Brain Institute, Miami, USA

  • Cesar Armando Rey Anacona

    Professor of the Master of Clinical Neuropsychology, University Of Colombia, Colombia

  • Dr Antony James William Taylor

    Professor of Clinical Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington, Stress/Trauma Consultant and Registered Psychologist

  • Dr. Agustin Freiberg

    Assistant Professor, Psychometric Techniques, School of Psychology, University of Buenos, Argentina.

  • Dr. Andrés Molero Chamizo

    Department of Psychology,.Universidad de Huelva, Spain

  • Dr. Cesar Gonzalez-Blanch Bosch

    Associate Professor in the Department of Medical Psychology at University of Cantabria, Spain.

  • Dr. Dake Zhang

    Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Psychology, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, USA

  • Dr. Feng Kong

    Associate professor at School of Psychology, Shaanxi Normal University, China.

  • Dr. Fengqing Zoe Zhang

    Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Drexel University, USA.

  • Dr. Jie Sui

    Senior Research Fellow in Cognitive Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience and Reader of Cognitive Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology, University of Bath, United Kingdom.

  • Dr. Jin Bo

    Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Eastern Michigan University, USA.

  • Dr. Jingjing zhao

    Professor, School of Psychology, Shaanxi Normal University, Xian, China

  • Dr. Juliana Teixeira Fiquer

    Post-doctorate in Psychiatry: Emotional processing in depression. Institute of Psychiatry, Medical School of the University of São Paulo, Brazil and Editorial Member-Psychology & Psychotherapy Journal, Brazil

  • Dr. Karen Elizabeth Waldie

    Associate Professor, School of Psychology and Research Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Auckland, New Zealand

  • Dr. Kathleen Armstrong

    Professor & Director Pediatric Psychology, University of South Florida College of Medicine, Florida USA

  • Dr. Krystal Cook Simmons

    Clinical Associate Professor, Educational Psychology Department, Texas A&M University, USA

  • Dr. Leila Salomão de La Plata Cury Tardivo

    Professor at Psychology Institute of the University of São Paulo, Brazil.

  • Dr. Leon James

    Professor of Psychology, University of Hawaii, USA.

  • Dr. Mandy Rossignol

    Professor of Psychopathology and Neuropsychology at the University of Mons, Belgium

  • Dr. Manuel Soriano Ferrer

    Professor in the Department on Developmental and Educational Psychology at the University of Valencia, Spain.

  • Dr. Melanie Porter

    Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders, Macquarie University, Australia

  • Dr. Michael Hunter

    Associate Professor in the School of Psychology, Newcastle University New South Wales Australia.

  • Dr. Miriam Debieux Rosa

    Associate Professor at the Clinical Psychology Program, University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil.

  • Dr. Neeru Aggarwal

    Teacher of Psychology and Psychotherapist, United Kingdom.

  • Dr. Owen Lo

    Assistant Professor, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology & Special Education at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada.

  • Dr. Paula Barrett

    Adjunct Professor, School of Psychology, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

  • Dr. Peter A. Hancock

    Research Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Central Florida (UCF), USA.

  • Dr. Rusu Alina Simona

    Associate Professor at the Department of Special Education (Faculty of Psychology and Sciences of Education) and Member of the Doctoral School Education, Reflection, Development, Romania.

  • Dr. Saul Hillman

    Principal Invesatigator,Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology, University College London, London.

  • Dr. Silvia Helena Koller

    Professor and Chair of the Center for Psychological Studies of At Risk Populations, Department of Psychology, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

  • Dr. Simon BN Thompson

    Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology & Neuropsychology

  • Dr. Trevor Cornelius Stuart Archer

    Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden

  • Dr. Ulas M Camsari

    Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota and Senior Associate Consultant in the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, USA.

  • Dr. Yoshiaki Kikuchi

    Graduate School of Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan


    ERIC PETERSON Ph.D. in Psychology, Harvard University, Cambridge Specialization: Developmental Psychology Dissertation: The development of global and local processing in school-aged children. Advisor: Jerome Kagan, Ph.D.

  • Fei Luo

    CAS, Institute of Psychology, Beijing

  • Giulia Fioravanti

    Department of Health Sciences, Psychology and Psychiatry Unit, University of Florence, Italy

  • Hassaan Tohid

    Professor of Neurosciences & Psychology, California Institute of Behavioral Sciences & Psychology, Neuro-Cal Institute, Consultant Neuroscientist (CASN), Visiting Neuroscientist, Center for Mind & Brain (UC Davis), University of California, Davis & UCLA (past) USA.

  • Honghong Xu

    Medical Psychology Department, Peking University Health Science Center, China

  • Michael I. Posner

    Department of Psychology University of Oregon Eugene, Oregon, USA

  • Michael Trimmel

    Michael Trimme Medical University of Vienna Matura in electronics and information technology. Ph.D.Dissertation: "The learned triggering of alpha production in the EEG" Habilitation: Award of the venia docendi for ?Psychology?Faculty of Basic and Integrative Science of the University of Vienna, Austria

  • Nishi Tripathi

    Associate Professor & Head, Department Of Psychology, SHIATS, Allahabad, India

  • Pasquale Calabrese

    Head of the neuropsychology and behavioral neurology unit, University of Basel,Division of molecular and cognitive neuroscience, Switzerland.

  • Peta Stapleton

    Assistant Professor, Program Director Masters of Clinical Psychology School of Psychology, Bond University, Australia

  • Peter Eachus

    Director of Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy, Faculty Member of School of Social Work, Psychology, and Public Health University of Salford, UK

  • Seyyed Salman-Alavi

    Psychiatry and psychology Research center, Roozbeh Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

  • Tiago Luis Baptista da Cunha Sousa Veloso

    Neurosciences and Mental Health Department, Medical Psychology Unit, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto, Portugal


    Associated Professor, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Romania

  • Zhao Xin

    Director, Behavior Rehabilitation Training Research Institute, Department of Psychology, Northwest Normal University, China.

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