Aquaculture & Veterinary Science Journal

Aquaculture denotes harvesting of plants and animals in variety of water sources ranging from small lakes, tanks, and ponds to rivers and the Oceans. They are inclusive of rearing both fresh and salt water plants and animals including fish, crustaceans, mollusks and aquatic plants such as Fern and Angiosperms. Aquaculture is different from fisheries where fishes and the other marine or fresh water organism are captured in the wild for sales.

Aquaculture prepares fishes for various purposes that are used as food, sporting, baits and ornaments to be groomed for aquariums. A wide range of aquatic plants are used in food, pharmaceutical, nutritional, and biotechnology industries. Fishes for sale can be carefully bred in tanks and ponds or fishes are released in the wild to build a buffer. Marine water species including shrimps, oysters, Salmons etc are cultivated on the ocean floor, or suspended in the water columns. They are also produced in manmade artificial saltwater ponds.

Veterinary Science is a branch of knowledge that deals with diagnosis, cure and prevention of disorders, diseases and wounds for animals excluding human beings. It is also referred as ‘Veterinary Medicine’ as it deals with pests that may cause diseases, vaccines that can prevent the seasonal diseases and therapeutic solutions that involve medicines.

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