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Insight Medical Publishing, popularly known as iMedPub, is an online, open access publisher that aims at advancing, learning and transforming scientific research information in the fields of Science, Healthcare and Technology. iMedPub Journals are known for innovative and scientific publication approach along with excellent author services through fast peer review process, best quality graphic design work for the final production, high global dissemination of the published articles through online etc.

Insight Medical Publishing showcases more than 150 journals in multiple fields including Agricultural, aqua cultural and veterinary sciences, Food technology, Clinical & Medical sciences, Genetics & Molecular biology, Immunology & Microbiology, Cancer research, Dental care, General life sciences and Pharmaceutical sciences, and Healthcare management.

Insight Medical Publishing journals are extending constant support for global scientific research by upholding the rights of the authors while promoting rapid, unbiased, convenient and comprehensive publishing environment. iMedPub Journals offer open service source of information for authors, researchers, Medical and Health professionals, pharmaceutical industries and the general public, catering to their various needs. This is a collaborative publisher that closely associates with academic, research, corporate and professional agencies to promote scientific research and knowledge dissemination.

The publishing house is an active member of the Publishers License Society, Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers and Crossref. It supports ORCID project (Open Researcher & Contributor ID) and CHORUS.


Recent Articles

Proyecto Wikimecum
Author(s): Francisco Javier del Castillo Tirado, Luis Fernando Alguacil Merino
Abstract | PDF
Expression of Leukocytic Syncytin-1 in B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Acute Myeloid Leukemia Patients
Author(s): Yi Sun, Hongyan Zhu, Jianxin Song, Yaxian Jiang, Hongmei Ouyang, Rongzhong Huang, Guiqian Zhang, Xin Fan, Rui Tao, Jie Jiang and Hua Niu
Abstract | PDF
Enfermedad autoinmune sistmica como primera manifestacin de una inmunodeficiencia comn variable
Author(s): Cabrera C.M
Abstract | Full-Text | PDF
Enfermedad de Baastrup
Author(s): José Delio Peña Santos
Abstract | Full-Text | PDF
Os supratrochleare dorsale del codo
Author(s): Blázquez Canamero Maria Angeles
Abstract | Full-Text | PDF
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