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Recent Articles

A Huge J Wave in Mild-Hypothermic Patient with Acute Brain Injury

Author(s): Luzi Mario*, Refi Giada, Scerrati Massimo and Capucci Alessandro1

Establishment of EGFP-Pur? Fusion Fluorescent Protein Cell Lines And Stable Expression of Pur? Protects Cells From DNA Damage

Author(s): Juan Chai, Yongling Li, Zhongfa Jia, Chengmin Yuan, Ping Li, Tao Sun, Jianguo Niu, Huichen Wang, Jianqi Cui

Mixed Tumor with Subependymoma and Ependymoma Features: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Author(s): Charuta Gavankar, Ryan A Grant*, Robert Fulbright, Anita Huttner, Jennifer Moliterno

Golden Natural Plant Compounds Activate Apoptosis via Both Mitochondrial and Death Receptor Pathways: A Review

Author(s): Mohammad Firoozinia1, Soheil Zorofchian Moghadamtousi, Aidin Sadeghilar, Hamed Karimian, Mohamed Ibrahim Bin Noordin

Enfermedad de Baastrup

Author(s): José Delio Peña Santos