Special Issue: The Role of Physical Activity in Preventing Childhood Obesity

This Special issue is being edited by:
Dr. Cristiana Lucretia Pop
Physical Education and Sports Department,
Bucharest University of Economic Studies, 

Work out, play hard and eat well shall be ultimate goals for a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy is important, but one has to pair it with a physically active lifestyle. Physical Activity plays a major role in preventing obesity in children. It is not only beneficial for reducing obesity risks and the comorbidity associated with it, but also strengthens the muscles, joints and bones and help the kids sleep better.

Physical activity favorably influences mental health, improves the emotional state and reduces the incidence and severity of diseases and pathological conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, osteoarthritis, and obesity. Promoting physical activity, physical and health education and sport from the early stages of education targets the enhancement of vigor, resilience, and social outcomes for children, families and communities.

Energy expended in physical activity has the potential to keep the energy balance in equilibrium, and this can potentially affect body weight regulation. However to identify the proper kind and optimal dose of physical activities for preventing childhood overweight and obesity might be a permanent goal for teachers, physicians and therapists nowadays.

Journal of Childhood Obesity focuses its upcoming special issue on the role of Physical activity to cope with the Epidemic of obesity in Children and hence invite researchers and scholars submit manuscripts on Role of physical activity to prevent childhood obesity.

The Journal follows a stringent single blind peer review process for all submitted manuscripts. We welcome manuscripts for the special issue till “July 25, 2018”.The submitted manuscripts would be published by August, 2018. As the submission for the special issue would be limited in number & would be processed on a First come First Serve basis.

You can submit manuscript online at J Child. Obes. (Or) send via E-mail attachment to [email protected] / [email protected]



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