Special Issue: Role of Phyto-therapeutics in the treatment and management of Novel Coronavirus

Journal of Plant Sciences and Agricultural Research is delighted to announce the Special issue on “Role of Phyto-therapeutics in the treatment and management of Novel Coronavirus”.

The COVID-19 outbreak is causing turmoil all around the globe due to inadequate risk assessment and not understanding the urgency of the situation. The COVID-19 pandemic has entered a dangerous new phase now hence, it highlights an urgent need for therapeutics. Since there are numerous researches going on for the development of vaccines and other clinical therapeutics but not much success has been found. More innovative treatment options should be discovered for defeating this viral transmission and Medicinal plants may come out to be possible novel therapeutic approaches.

Phyto-therapeutics have been used as a treatment and preventive approach for several diseases, including respiratory viral infections. The benefit of using these in viral respiratory infections is to build immune-stimulating and inflammation-modulating effects of managing the immune system. The plant-based medicines may target to reduce the disease load. Thus, pre-emptive investments in researches based on plant-derived vaccines or drugs to treat COVID-19 may arise as a light of hope to beat this fatal infection.

With the same purpose our Journal “Journal of Plant Sciences and Agricultural Research” is announcing Special issue Call for paper on “Role of Phyto-therapeutics in the treatment and management of Novel Coronavirus”. We welcome both solicited and unsolicited submissions from all around the globe that will contribute to this special issue on or before 31st May 2020.

Submission Process 

  • Special issue articles can include both original unpublished research articles and review articles related to the specific theme
  • Manuscripts will be accepted for publishing in the special issue only after getting approved by the peer review committee.
  • All the articles in special issues should strictly adhere to journal style and formatting.
  • Each special issue can be created with 5-7 articles.
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