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  • Caitlin G. Allen

    Caitlin G. Allen, Master of Public Health in Behavioral Science and Health Education, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, USA

  • Christa Thöne-Reineke

    Professor, Head of Institute, Veterinary specialist of Laboratory Animal Science and physiology, Institute of Animal Welfare, Animal Behavior and Laboratory Animal Science, Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

  • Dr. Chia-Hsiung Cheng

    Assistant Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy Graduate Institute of Behavioral Sciences, Healthy Aging Research Center Chang Gung University Taoyuan, Taiwan.

  • Dr. Enguo wang

    Institute of cognition and behavior, Henan University

  • Dr. Manoj P. Dandekar

    McGovern Medical School, The University of Texas

  • Dr. Manuel J Ruiz

    Brain and Behavior CIMCYC, University of Granada, Granada

  • Dr. Rajendra D. Badgaiyan

    Dr. Rajendra D. Badgaiyan, MD Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Richmond University Medical Center New York, USA.

  • Eman Ahmed Mohamed Zaky

    Professor of General and Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics & Clinical Genetics, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

  • Hassaan Tohid

    Professor of Neurosciences & Psychology, California Institute of Behavioral Sciences & Psychology, Neuro-Cal Institute, Consultant Neuroscientist (CASN), Visiting Neuroscientist, Center for Mind & Brain (UC Davis), University of California, Davis & UCLA (past) USA.

  • Jenn Leiferman

    Adjunct faculty, Department of Health and Behavioral Sciences, University of Colorado Denver,USA

  • kenichi Meguro

    Professor, Division of geriatric behavioral Neurology, Tohuku University CYRIC, Sendai, Japan

  • Lakshmi Rajagopal

    Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Science, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, USA

  • Matheus Santos de Sousa Fernandes

    Postgraduate Program in Neuropsychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

  • mohammad Ahmadpanah

    mohammad Ahmadpanah Associate Professor of Cognitive Sciences , Department of Psychiatry Research Center For Behavioral Disorders and Substances Abuse Hamadan University of Medical Sciences - Hamadan - Iran Tele-fax +98 - 81 - 38271066

  • Monica J. Casper

    Monica J. Casper, Ph.D. Is Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and Inclusion in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Professor of Gender and Women?s Studies and Public Health at the University of Arizona.

  • Ms. Hui-Chen CHEN

    is a full-time senior lecturer at the Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies, National University of Singapore (NUS). Her research interests include (1) psychoeducation intervention to enhance self-efficacy, health behavior and psychosocial well-being for patients and their caregivers in acute and community settings; (2) effective communication for healthcare providers and patients; (3) and simulation based learning and self-reflection for nursing students. Prior joining NUS, Hui-Chen has extensive clinical and academic work experiences in Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States of America. She is an active member of California Nursing Board (USA), Minnesota Nursing Board (USA) and Singapore Nursing Board (Singapore).

  • Pasquale Calabrese

    Head of the Neuropsychology and Behavioral Neurology Unit, University of Basel, Division of Molecular and Cognitive Neuroscience, Switzerland

  • Srinivas Parthasarathy

    Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University, USA

  • Zhao Xin

    Director, Behavior Rehabilitation Training Research Institute, Department of Psychology, Northwest Normal University, China