Özlem Çakal Arslan

Özlem Çakal Arslan
Associated Professor, Department Of Hydrobiology, Ege University, Turkey


Özlem Çakal Arslan was born in ?zmir on 26 October 1975. She grautaded from of Ege University Faculty of Fisheries in ?zmir TURKEY, in 1997. She remained at the Ege University to complete her master of Science degree in Science Institue department of hydrobiology in February 2000. She began Phd education in Ege University, Science Institue at same year and she completed her Phd. Programe in May 2005 with thesis titled ?THE EFFECTS OF NONYLPHENOL, OCTYLPHENOL AND BISPHENOL ON EMBRYONIC DEVELOPMENT of SEA URCHIN (Paracentrotus lividus )?. In April 2010 she has earned associated professor title and Powers. Özlem ÇAKAL ARSLAN has current position as Associated Professor in Ege University Faculty of Fiheries, Department of Hydrobiology.

Research Interest

?Effect Of Nonylphenol, Octylphenol And Bisphenol-A On Sea Urchin Development ?Mutagenic Effect Of Nonylphenol And Octylphenol (Ames Mutagenity Test) ?Micronuclei Assay For Biomonitoring Pollution In Izmir Bay (Agean Sea) ?Daphnia Manga Immobilization Assay