Yuqing Feng

Yuqing Feng
CSIRO Mineral Resources Flagship, Bayview Ave, Clayton VIC 3168, Australia


Dr Feng (B Eng, 1992; M Eng, 1995; Ph D, 2004, The University of New South Wales, Australia) is a senior research scientist at CSIRO Mineral Resources Flagship, mainly in the development and application of advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models for multiphase flow complex systems involving bubbles, particles and droplets, with a focus on their applications in process industries, including light metal production, mineral processing and extractive metallurgy, chemical and petroleum engineering. In addition to provide practical advice for reliable scale-up, design and control/optimization of different multi-phase complex flow systems, he has been co-supervising Ph D students in conjunction with several universities and published over 100 scientific papers and 30 industrial reports.

Research Interest

Multiphase flow, Computational fluid dynamics, discrete element model, aluminium electrolytic cell, process design, control and optimization


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