Safdar Ali

Safdar Ali
Department of Biomedical Sciences, SRCASW, University of Delhi, New Delhi, India


Dr Safdar Ali received his PhD from National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi and subsequently has been associated with undergraduate teaching and research at University of Delhi as Assistant Professor for the last four years. His doctoral work focused on analyzing the human Y chromosome in males exposed to heavy metals arsenic and chromium. At present, the research interests focus on the area of genetics and genomics at two distinct levels. First, exploring clinical samples (Type II Diabetes and AML), for sequence polymorphisms in candidate genes in the Indian population. Secondly, extracting and analyzing the sequence, complexity and diversity of simple sequence repeats in viral genomes with reference to host adaptability and evolution. All the work has been published in reputed peer reviewed journals and at present have an h index of 7 and i10 index of 2 (Google Scholar).

Research Interest

Genomics (DNA sequencing, Relative expression, Copy number variations) and Bioinformatics

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