Rodrigo Gallardo

Rodrigo Gallardo Rodrigo Gallardo
Poultry Medicine Program, University of California, Davis 1089 Veterinary Medicine Dr. Room 4009, USA.


Poultry veterinarian and molecular virologist with experience in poultry production and diseases, board certified from the American College of Poultry Veterinarians (ACPV). My experience in the field and in the laboratory allows me to target research to areas that have impact in commercial and village poultry. I have worked in diagnostics vaccine production and poultry production. In research, I have worked with RNA viruses, their capability of change, mutate, and recombine and their evolution in immunocompetent and immunodefficient hosts. Currently I am the head of the poultry medicine laboratory at the University of California in Davis. My research interest is on RNA virology mostly focusing on the host pathogen interaction and characterization of immune responses in order to generate strategies to prevent diseases. Currently, I research Infectious bronchitis virus, avian Reoviruses, avian picornaviruses and Newcastle disease virus. I do a considerable amount of outreach and extension work nationally and internationally in commercial and village poultry.

Research Interest

RNA virology