Raffaella Mancuso

Raffaella Mancuso Raffaella Mancuso
Research Scientist at the Department of Chemistry, University of Calabria, Italy.


Dr. Mancuso completed her PhD in Methodologies for the Development of Molecules of Pharmacological Interest at the University of Calabria in 2006. After a post-doc stage at Iowa State University (USA) with Prof. Richard Larock (2008), she came back to University of Calabria working on organic synthesis. In 2012 she joined the group of Prof. Daniel Solé (University of Barcelona-Spain) working on novel syntheses of heterocycles. She is currently a research scientist at the University of Calabria (Italy). Her current research interest include organometallic catalysis for the synthesis of molecules of pharmacological interest and the use of nonconventional solvents. Her current scientific production include 67 papers and 4 patents. She has been serving as an editorial board member of reputed journal.

Research Interest

- New syntheses of high value added molecules through catalytic assembly of simple units. - Innovative syntheses of heterocyclic molecules of pharmaceutical, agrochemical, or applicative interest. - Carbonylation chemistry. - Use of non-conventional solvents in organic synthesis. - Synthesis and semi-synthesis of bioactive compounds of pharmaceutical or agrochemical interest. - Synthesis of new materials for advanced applications.