Rabindran Jermy balasamy

Rabindran Jermy balasamy
Assistant Professor, Institute of Research and Medical Consultations (IRMC) Imam Abdul Rahman BinFaisal University (IAU), Saudi Arabia


Dr. Rabindran had been a research scientist at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia for eight years and as a post doctoral fellow at Pusan National University, South Korea for two years. During this tenure, his contributions in the field of nano based zeolite preparation and petrochemicals are of great significance which addresses the developing commercial technologies in collaboration with leading chemical company like Honeywell company (UOP), USA, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia, and collaborated with Japan cooperation center (JCCP), Japan. During his association with UOP (Project No. CRP 2247, Project budget 10.0 million SAR), he was involved in the selective conversion of low-value petroleum derived feedstocks such as toluene and methanol into high-value petrochemicals product para-xylene production utilizing nanozeolite based catalytic method. During this process development, Dr. Jermy had received a valuable experience of working in pilot plant (XYTEL) for commercial process development. He has developed four novel nanomaterial combination for toluene methylation process. This work is under patent filing process.

Research Interest

Transalkylation of heavy aromatics, High performance catalysts development, petroleum value-added products, petrochemicals, silica nanoparticles