Paula Y. P. Lam

Paula Y. P. Lam
National Cancer Centre, Dept. Cellular and Mol. Biology, Singapore, 169610


Biography: I graduated from University of Leeds, UK in 1994 and started a postdoctoral fellowship at St.Jude Childrens? Research Hospital studying the role of PAX3/FKHR in childhood rhabdomyosarcoma. I did a second postdoctoral fellowship at the Chinese University of Hong Kong where I got interested in CNS biology and learnt about using viral vectors for the treatment of brain tumors with Prof Xandra Breakefield at Massachussetts General Hospital. I became a PI at the National Cancer Centre in 2006, and is currently Assoc Prof at Duke-National University of Singapore and National University of Singapore, Department of Physiology ACADEMIC DEGREES: B.Sc. :University of London, Queen Mary & Westfield College, United Kingdom. (Hons): Field of study is genetics. Ph.D.: University of Leeds, United Kingdom; Field of study is biochemistry and molecular biology HONORS AND AWARDS: ? Awardee of the Talent development fund, Singhealth, 2006 ? NMRC-Hong Leong Foundation Medical Research Scientist Award, 2005 ? Awardee of the BMRC-EMBO Course, 2005 ? 14th ASM Young Scientist Award, Singapore General Hospital, 2003 ? St.Jude Childrens? Research Fellowship, 1994-1996 ? Yorkshire Cancer Research Campaign Scholarship, 1990-1993 ? Biochemistry Society Student Travel Award, 1991 MEMBERSHIPS: ? 1998-current American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy ? 2013-current Stem Cell Society Singapore PUBLICATIONS: 1. JKY Chan and Lam PY. ?Soluble factors from human fetal bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells to treat tumor: preparation of conditioned medium and its effect on tumor cells?. In press Methods in Mol. Biology, 2015 (in press) 2. Endaya BB, Lam PY, Meedeniya A, Neuzil J. ?Transcriptional profiling of dividing tumor cells detects intratumor heterogeneity linked to cell proliferation in a brain tumor model?. In press Molecular Oncology, 2015 (IF 5.331; 5- year 5.669). 3. Chong QQ, Toh XY, Ho IAW, Sia KC, Newman JP, Yulyana Y,Ng WH, Lai SH, Ho MF, Tham CK*, Lam PY*. ?Epidermal growth factor status in human glioma cells dictates responsiveness to nimotuzumab treatment? BMC Cancer, 15:255 4. Yulyana Y, Ho IAW, Sia KC, Newman JP, Toh XY, Berwini B Endaya, Chan J, Gneicchi M, Huynh H, Chung AY, Kiat Hon Lim, Leong HS, Iyer GN, Hui KM, Lam PY ?Human fetal mesenchymal stem cells inhibit hepatocellular carcinoma growth through IGF-1R/PI3K/Akt?, Mol Therapy, 23, 746-756, 2015

Research Interest

For the past two decade, my key research interests include better understanding of the initiation and progression of cancer cells, particularly those of the aggressive GBM. We have also generate vector systems (virus- or stem cells-based) with appropriate therapeutic genes for targeted therapy using intracranial glioma mouse models.

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