Nikhil Jain

Nikhil Jain Nikhil Jain
Post-Doctoral Associate, Department of Health Science and Technology, Laboratory of Applied Mechanobiology, ETH Zurich, Switerzland.


Dr. Nikhil Jain is currently affiliated to Laboratory of Applied Mechanobiology, Switerzland, continuing research in the specialized scientific area of Cell mechanics, nuclear mechanotransduction imaging, stem cell biology. Dr. Nikhil Jain is serving as an honorary Editor for International Journal of Applied Science - Research and Review.

Research Interest

Immune cells, mainly macrophages, feel lots of physical and mechanical forces available in their microenvironment, which includes fluid flow, surface stiffness, topography and geometry. Depending on the biochemical cocktails of cytokines and other soluble cues, macrophage shows spectrum of activation states however, the role of these physical and mechanical forces in macrophage activation is largely unclear. In my ongoing work, I explored how these cells sense their microenvironment and respond to it morphologically, transcriptionally and functionally. I found that the macrophages don?t follow regular mechanical principles reported in fibroblasts and in stem cells and rather showed some novel behavior towards applied mechanical cues.