Mohammed Inayathullah

Mohammed Inayathullah
Stanford University, California, USA


Mohammed Inayathullah received his PhD in Bioorganic Chemistry from University of Madras in 2006 followed by a postdoctoral training in Department of Neurology at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He joined Stanford University School of Medicine, Biomaterials and Advanced Drug Delivery (BioADD) lab in 2010. Dr. Inayathullah is a Senior Scientist and Associate Director in BioADD lab.

Research Interest

His research interest includes designing and developing biomaterials in drug delivery systems. Developing delivery platform for the administration of therapeutics by oral, injectable topical and transdermal delivery using nanoparticles, patches, microneedles, hydrogels etc., for the delivery of small molecules, peptides, proteins, siRNAs and stem cells.