Li Biaoru

Li Biaoru
Faculty of research scientist and clinical bioinformatics specialist, Hematology/oncology division, Georgia Children Hospital, Medical College, Augusta, GA, United States.


My clinical hematology and oncology focuses on clinical genomics analysis and diagnosis (including clinical bio-banking, primary-cell proliferation and differentiation, genomic analysis in DNA, mRNA and protein, quantitative network and machine-learning modeling). For over 15 years, I have used the system to work on stem cell differentiating into erythroid, lymphocyte, myeloid, fibroblast and to study behavior of cancer stem cells and cancer stem cell reverse differentiation into normal stem cell. In clinical genomics diagnosis for hematology and oncology, I also worked for clinical genomic database and genomics analysis/diagnosis from NGS, microarray and GWAS/SNP for oncology/hematology from clinical specimens. In clinical genomics analysis, I have set up different platform and used different software to study clinical bioinformatics modules. Now I am going to work in Children Hospital of GA (CHOG) in Medical College of GA as (1) in clinical research, study CD34 stem cell induced into erythroid progenitors from adult bone marrow and fetal cord blood to identify drugs and genes related with gamma to beta globin switch; (2) in clinical work, investigate clinical genomics related to different drugs for hematology disease.

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