Jiu-Hong Li

Jiu-Hong Li
Jiu-Hong Li(PhD), Professor of Dermatology, No.1 Hospital, China.


Jiu-Hong Li, MD, PhD,is a Professor of Dermatology, No.1 Hospital, China Medical University. Dr Li received MD in medicine in 1983 from Shenyang Medical College and PhD in dermatology in 2003 from China Medical University. He completed a surgery residency in 1985 at Hospital of Yingkou textile factory. He was supported as Second Class Award for Science and Technology Progress from Liaoning Provincial Government.He had more than two decades of experience and expertise in dermatology in China before becoming a specialist. His current scientific interests include basic, translational and clinical research in dermatologic surgery and quiz cases in dermatology.He has received research support in China including the Fund of Liaoning Province and National Natural Foundation.He has published 5 books and more than 100 articles, among which 17 were published in English journals.

Research Interest

His Research interest includes Giant ulcer on abdominal wall, multiple skin ulcers from malignant syphilis, erythematous lesion, Psoriasiform cutaneous sporotrichosis, porokeratosis, primary hepatic carcinoma


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