James Stoxen

James Stoxen
FSSEMM (hon) FWSSEM President, Team Doctors, USA


Dr. James Stoxen has his honors in FSSEMM and FWSSEM. He is the President of Masters Academy Publishing Chicago Inc since 2015. He has finished his Bachelors in Human Biologic Sciences from National College of Chiropractic. He has been appointed to be part of the Global Advisory Board, The International Sports Hall of Fame. Dr Stoxen has been invited to speak at over 65 medical conferences for over 50,000 doctors and scientists in China, Japan, UK, Germany, Monaco, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Australia, Thailand, Mexico, Columbia, South Africa, Scotland, India, Ireland, UAE, Portugal, Brazil, Italy and throughout the United States. Masters Academy Publishing will publish its first book entitled, Neck Pain, Upper Back Pain and Shoulder Pain, Could it be Thoracic Outlet Syndrome? By Dr James Stoxen DC, It is a 700 page fully referenced self-help book on the earliest detection, intervention and prevention of thoracic outlet syndrome based on the integrated spring-mass model and human spring approach to care.

Research Interest

Inflammation - The Gut-Brain Axis And Mood Disorders The Bidirectional Gut-Brain Axis Gut-To-Brain Signaling Gut Microbiota Links To Mood Disorders Achilles Tendonitis And Tears Barefoot Running Biomechanics Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Chondromalacia Patella Disc Herniation Gait Analysis Inflammation Mood Disorders Connection Lower Back Pain Mortons Neuroma Muscle Spindle Cells Myofascial Pain Syndrome Over Pronation Plantar Fasciitis And Heel Spurs Plyometrics Running Economy Running Gait Shin Splints Spinal Stenosis Spring-Mass Mechanics Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Vibration Therapy Walking Gait


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