Gustavo H. Marin

Gustavo H. Marin Gustavo H. Marin
Director of Primary Care, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Dr. Gustavo H. Marin was born in 1963 in B.Blanca, Argentina. After High School studies in Flushing-Michigan-USA; he degree as medical doctor in La Plata University & in Spain. His postgraduate studies were performed at the Clinic Hospital-UBA and at the Public Assistance in Paris-France. He Doctorate in Medical Sciences, became Master in Economics and Health Organizations; Master in Public Health, Magister in Political Sciences and Expert in Public Policies. Dr. Marin was State Director of Primary Care in Buenos Aires, Head Director of Health Planning; and Head Director of the Scientific Research Commission of Bs. Aires.

Research Interest

Public Health, Primary Care, Models of Health Care; Essentials Medicines for primary care attention.

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