Assistant Professor of Cardiology, Haemodynamic University of Crete


Born: 09.07.1963, Rethimnon, Crete Graduated in 1981 from 2nd High School of Rethimnon. Graduated in 1987 from Medical School of Thessaloniki. Military service: 07.03.1988 - 13.10.1989. Rural Medical Service: 14.04.1989 - 03.09.1990. Practiced internal medicine from 21.09.1990 to 24.09.1991 in the department of Internal Medicine, Heraklion University Hospital. Practiced cardiology as follows: Twenty-seven months (14.11.1991?28.11.1993 and 31.08.1994-14.11.1994) in the Department of Cardiology of Heraklion University Hospital. Nine months (29.11.1993 - 30.08.1994) in Cardiology Department of the London Chest Hospital. Awarded after examination the title of Cardiology on 24th of February 1995. Worked in the Cardiology Department, Heraklion university Hospital as follows: 1. Scientific Fellow from 15.11.1995 to 28.02.1996, 2. Registrar from 01.03.1996 to 18.10.2004 3. Senior Registrar from 03.11.2004 to 24.1.2011 and 4. Assistant Professor of Cardiology-Haemodynamics form 25.01.2011 up to present. During this period I was involved in clinical, research and teaching-educational activities of the Department. Since 1995, one of my main goals has been the development and organization of the Haemodynamic Department. Today this Department is at the service of the patients from the Southeast of Greece, with 24 hours/7 days per week service. The department is among the highest volume centers in Greece, performing 2.500 cardiac catheterizations and 800 coronary interventions per year. I have set up and developed the whole spectrum of invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures at the Haemodynamic Department, and have performed more than 15.000 cardiac catheterizations and more than 5.000 percutaneous coronary interventions, while being responsible for the program of the transcatheter renal denervation as well as for the program of transcatheter aortic valve implantation. As a member of the Task Force for the invasive management of the acute coronary syndromes, I have been involved in the adoption and development of a network in the Southwest of Greece for the Stent of Life program. I have completed, under the supervision of Prof. Vardas, my doctoral thesis entitled ?Correlation between coronary blood flow and indexes of myocardial ischemia in patients with intraventricular conduction disturbances of electrical impulse?, which was accepted by the University of Crete with a grade of Excellent on 22 of April, 2002.

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