Dr. Ángel Molina León

Dr. Ángel Molina León Dr. Ángel Molina León
Soecialist Physician, Neurophysiology clinic, Medical Centre Virgen de la Caridad, Spain.


Ángel Molina León granted his Bachelor's Degree:Liberate in Medicine and Surgery by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Seville, in the year 2000 and Opposition MIR:Opposition approved in May 2001 with preparation at the MIR Academy of Oviedo.he did training Neuropaediatric Ward, Psychiatric Ward, Electroencephalography,Epilepsy and Electrocorticography Surgery Unit, Electromyography and Sensorimotor Conduction.

Research Interest

Motor cortex excitability, sensorimotor, restless legs syndrome, REMnightmares, night-terrors, sleep paralysis, nocturnal epilepsy