Dr. Smita Mohanty

Dr. Smita Mohanty Dr. Smita Mohanty
Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Oklahoma State University, US


Dr. Mohanty was awarded a MS and a PhD in Chemistry from University of Delhi, India. She performed her postdoctoral studies in structural biology at the University of Washington, Seattle and also in New York. Since 2014, Dr. Mohanty is a faculty member in Chemistry at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, UK.

Research Interest

Dr. Mohanty's research interests encompass molecular biology, protein chemistry, structural biology, biophysics and computational chemistry. She takes a multidisciplinary approach to characterizing the structure, and function of both globular and membrane associated proteins involved in various diseases and disorders with the goal of understanding the molecular basis of their function for exploiting these as new therapeutic targets to address the underlying diseases.


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