Dr. Shuqiao Yao

Dr. Shuqiao Yao Dr. Shuqiao Yao
Professor, Director in Medical Psychological Institute, Second Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, China.


Career Date: Professor of clinical psychology and psychiatry. Supervisor of Ph.D students majoring in the specialties of psychology and psychiatry. Director of Medical Psychological Center of Second Xiangya Hospital and Medical Psychological Institute of Central South University. Chairman of Medical Psychological Board of the Chinese Psychological Society and Psychological Assessment Board of the Association of the Chinese Mental Health. Educations: Graduated from Hunan Medical University, China and earned a M.D in 1982 and Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1991. Honors: Distinguished Scientist Award from Chinese government in 2013. A national Award in Medical Psychology from Ministry of Science and technology in China in 2001. Three Advance Research Awards in Nature Science from Ministry of Education and Hunan provincial government in China. The Ziskind-Somer Research Award from American Society of Biological Psychiatry. Other Experience: The primary investigator of more than 10 national research grants and 3 international research grants since 2000. Author of more than 300 papers in domestic journals and more than 100 papers in international journals.

Research Interest

Psychological assessment, Psychiatry and clinical neuroscience, especially the neural mechanisms of psychological effect on stress-related diseases.




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