Dr. Panagiotis Berillis

Dr. Panagiotis Berillis
(Dept. of Ichthyology & Aquatic Environment, University of Thessaly, Greece)


Panagiotis Berillis has a degree in Physics and a PhD in Biophysics. He is an Assistant professor at the University of Thessaly (Department of Ichthyology & Aquatic Environment). He has published 18 research articles, 36 conference paper and abstracts, 3 reviews, 1 book chapter and 1 monograph. He is the author of the book ?Optical and electron microscopy? (in Greek). He is the Chief Editor in 1 international scientific journal, member of the Editorial Board in 4 international scientific journals and reviewer in 15 international scientific journals.

Research Interest

Ichthyology & Aquatic Environment - Aquatic organism, Image analysis, Collagen, Apoptosis, Necrosis, and Tissue mechanical properties.