Dr. Neeru Aggarwal

Dr. Neeru Aggarwal Dr. Neeru Aggarwal
Teacher of Psychology and Psychotherapist, United Kingdom.


I am passionate about psychology and in particular mental health. I graduated with a degree in Psychology from Warwick University and thereafter worked with mental health service users within the NHS and voluntary sectors, providing one-to-one and group support. I also played an active role in developing and managing services. Subsequently, I completed a Ph.D in Psychology, with a particular focus on mental health, and the empowerment of people with dementia. Articles I have published relate to stigma, negative perceptions of people with mental health problems, and the empowerment of individuals who experience mental ill health. Thereafter, I moved to education and qualified to be a teacher, where I worked across secondary, further and higher educational sectors, teaching Psychology. I currently teach Psychology on the International Baccalaureate Programme, which includes teaching students about Psychopathology. I am also a qualified Psychotherapist and work part-time, privately with adults with mental health problems.

Research Interest

My research interests include: the experiences and perspectives of people with mental illness; care provision and support for people with mental health problems; societal perceptions of and the empowerment of people with mental ill health.




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