Dr. Michel Cabanac de Lafregeyre

Dr. Michel Cabanac de Lafregeyre Dr. Michel Cabanac de Lafregeyre
Professor of Psychiatry & Neuroscience, Laval University, Quebec, Canada.


Michel Cabanac, is the scientist who discovered the phenomena of Alliesthesia, Anapyrexia, and Ponderostat and coined these names for these phenomena. His main contribution consisted in bringing to the scientific realm the understanding of human motivation that was left to philosophers over the centuries. Since his 1972 lead article in Science on the physiological role of pleasure, he has pursued the experimental study of the hedonic dimension of consciousness. This led him not only to new insights of consciousness itself and emotion, but also to a better understanding of human motivation in health, as well as disease. This applies especially to obesity, and to decision making. His most recent experiments on the role of pleasure in decision making study economics, and aggression.

Research Interest

Animal Communications, Ecology, Evolutionary Biology.