Dr. Marcelo Gustavo Cetkovich-Bakmas

Dr. Marcelo Gustavo Cetkovich-Bakmas Dr. Marcelo Gustavo Cetkovich-Bakmas
Head, Department of Psychiatry INECO (Institute de of Cognitive Neurlogy); Head, Department of Psychiatry, Institute of Neurosciences, Favaloro University Hospital; Scientific Secretariat, Argentine Association of Psychiatrists. (AAP); Scientific Secretariat Argentine Association of Mood Disorders (AsaThu), Branch of the International Society of Bipolar Disorders, Argentina.


Marcelo Cetkovich Bakmas, was born and educated in the city of Buenos Aires. He obtained his medicine degree in the university of Buenos Aires in 1982. Still at the school of medicine, he studied anatomy of the Central Nervous System with Prof. Diego L Outes, Head of the Laboratory of Pathological Neuroanatomy at the Jose T Borda Neuropsychiatric Hospital. There he was deeply impressed by mentally ill patients, and started to wonder how to understand them from the neurobiological point of view. He obtained his Psychiatrist Degree at the University of Buenos Aires in 1987. His entire carrier was dedicated to the most severely ill patients: schizophrenia, bipolar and obsessive-­?compulsive disorders. He studied Obsessive Compulsive disorders diagnosis and treatment with JA Yaryura-­?Tobias in New York. Dr. Cetkovich Bakmas deepens his knowledge about endogenous psychoses with Prof Helmut Beckmann, Former President of the CINP and the WFSBP in The University Nervenklinik of Würzburg, Germany. At present time he is the Scientific Secretariat of the Argentine Association of Psychiatrists, Secretary of the Argentine Association of Mood Disorders, and member of the International Wernicke-Kleist-­ Leonhard society. He is in charge of the Department of Psychiatry at the Institute of Cognitive Neurology (INECO), he is also in charge of the Department of Psychiatry of the Institute of Neurosciences of Favaloro University Hospital in Buenos Aires. Dr Cetkovich is the Current Chairman of The Department of Psychiatry and Mental Health of the Favaloro Foundation University School of Medicine.

Research Interest

Schizophrenia, Bipolar and Obsessive-compulsive disorders.




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