Dr Lucia Magnelli

Dr Lucia Magnelli
Department of Biomedical, Experimental and Clinical Sciences Mario Serio, Italy


1986 Ph.D. in Biology granted in the Florence University. 1987: Voluntary researcher to the Institute de Pathologie de Liege, Belgium. 1987-­?88: Recipient of an USL 10D of Florence; 1991: Professional abilitation. 1991-­?: Recipient of a three year AIRC fellowship; 1991-­?: Commission member for the examination in Molecular Biology. 1992-­?: Commission member for the examination in Laboratory of Molecular Biology. 1993-­?95: Adjunct Professor in Molecular Biology. 1995: CNR fellowship for the project "Aging". 1997-­?: Researcher in Molecular Biology fo the Faculty of Mathematical Physical and Natural Sciences of the University of Firenze. 1998: Major in Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry. 2001: Confirmed as Researcher in Molecular Biology.

Research Interest

Molecular Biology