Dr. Krystyna Mitosek

Dr. Krystyna Mitosek Dr. Krystyna Mitosek
MD, Ph.D, Medical Uniwersity, Lublin, Poland.


I was born in Pulawy, Poland. In 1974, after graduating from high school I began studies at Faculty of Medicine, Medical University in Lublin, Poland. I graduated in 1980 with honors. The same year I began doctoral studies in Human Genetics Division. I started working in Neurology Department, Lublin Medical University in 1982. I received first degree specialization in clinical neurology in 1985, second degree specialization in clinical neurology with honors in 1993 and specialization in pediatric neurology in 2015. I obtained Medical Doctor degree in 1990. On the basis of general assessment of scientific achievements and presented dissertation I obtained Assistant Professor degree in 2010. While working as researcher in Lublin Neurology Department I was consecutively assistant, senior assistant and adiunkt. Since 2004 until 2011 I was the Deputy Head of Neurology Department. Since 2011 I am the Head of Child Neurology Department, Lublin Medical University. I obtained Associate Professor title in 2012.

Research Interest

My main research interests focus on: 1. The broad issue of Multiple Sclerosis including etiology, genetics, pathomechanisms, clinical features, biochemical and immunological markers, examining the degree of disability, assessment of the quality of life and treatment of this disease affecting young people and leading to disability. 2. The biochemical markers of vascular diseases of the brain, including cerebral infarcts, intracerebral hemorrhage and subarachnoid hemorrhage. 3. The issue of the diagnosis and the treatment of headaches, both migraine and tension type headache. 4. The administration of stem cells in autism and cerebral palsy.




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