Dr. Kristel Marquet

Dr. Kristel Marquet Dr. Kristel Marquet
Manager of the department quality and safety, Jessa Hospital and Post- doctoral researcher, Hasselt University, Belgium.


Kristel Marquet (1979) has a graduation as Bachelor nurse (2000), Master in the Socio-Medical Sciences (2003), Master in Lecturer for higher education (2004), Bachelor after bachelor in emergency and intensive care (2007) and a PhD in Medicine and Life Sciences (2015). During her professional career, she worked at different institutions like the hospitals, as an intensive care nurse, care coordinator for different departments and as chief officer of the quality & patient care department. She also did different research and education functions at the Catholic University of Leuven, Hasselt University and Nursing school (PXL).

Research Interest

Quality of care, accreditation, indicators,adverse events, adverse drug events, risk management, prospective process analysis (HFMEA), retrospective chart review, intensive care, emergency care, management of care, nursing care, heart diseases, quality of life.


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