Dr. Juliana Teixeira Fiquer

Dr. Juliana Teixeira Fiquer
Post-doctorate in Psychiatry: Emotional processing in depression. Institute of Psychiatry, Medical School of the University of São Paulo, Brazil and Editorial Member-Psychology & Psychotherapy Journal, Brazil


I born in Socorro, a countryside city of Sao Paulo state (Brazil). In 2001, I moved to Sao Paulo city, to study Psychology at the Institute of Psychology - University of São Paulo (IPUSP). During the university education I developed studies on Subjective Well-Being. In 2005 I did master degree in Subjective Well-Being at IPUSP. After years studying quality of life and happiness, I changed my research focus to psychopathologies. In 2006 I started my PhD in Experimental Psychology at IPUSP with internship period at the UMCG (The Netherlands), focusing the nonverbal behavior in depression. From 2012 to 2015 I developed a pos doctoral research at the Institute of Psychiatry of USP detailing behavioral indicators of severity; recurrence; and subtype of depression. I have also been working in the research supervision of undergraduate students of psychology; the review of manuscripts submitted for publication in scientific journals of Psychology and Psychiatry.

Research Interest

Nonverbal communication in clinical settings; Human Ethology (to assess patients expressive behavior in clinical settings); Psychopathology (case reports, treatment guidelines, recovery assessment); Psychometry in the assessment of psychopathological conditions [development, adaptation and validation of instruments to assess personality traits, affects/emotions (positive, negative), psychiatric symptoms]; Positive Psychology (studies to investigate or to promote Subjective Well-Being and quality of life for clinical and non clinical human samples).




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