Dr. Jay Kalra

Dr. Jay Kalra Dr. Jay Kalra
Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan and Royal University Hospital, Canada.


Dr. Jay Kalra is a Professor of Pathology in the University of Saskatchewan and has served as Head of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Saskatoon Health Region. He is recognized for his many contributions as a clinical scientist, academic leader and health system administrator. He has been a pioneer in establishing guidelines for thyroid-function testing, laboratory utilization, and has also contributed nationally and internationally in the area of total quality management and lean transformation strategies. He has published extensively and is the author of the book Medical Errors and Patient Safety: Strategies to reduce and disclose medical errors and improve patience safety.

Research Interest

Ischemia reperfusion Injury?role of oxygen free radicals and antioxidants in various clinical diseases including heart failure and atherosclerosis, Quality Care and Patient Safety, Laboratory Utilization in Healthcare, Medical Error and Disclosure of Adverse Events, Total Quality Management in Laboratory Medicine.


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