Dr. Giovanni Luigi Tripepi

Dr. Giovanni Luigi Tripepi
Head of the CNR-IFC Research Unit of Clinical Epidemiology and Physiopathology of Renal Diseases and Hypertension of Reggio Calabria, Italy


Giovanni Luigi Tripepi done PhD with the thesis of ?Age related and prognostic risk factors in dialysis patients? (Rotterdam University, Netherlands) (2012).He published 42 educational articles in the field of epidemiology and biostatistics (20 in internal peer review journals and 20 in national journals) and teached in more than 50 national and international courses of medical statistics.

Research Interest

Data management, Big data, Study design, prospective studies, case-control studies, cross-sectional studies, clinical trials, biostatistics, epidemiology, prognostic biomarkers, diagnostic biomarkers, cardiovascular risk.