Dr. Francesco Paolo Schena

Dr. Francesco Paolo Schena
F.P. Schena,MD,FASN,FERA Professor of Nephrology University of Bari Piazza G. Cesare 11 70124 Bari, Italy


Prof. F.P.Schena has extensive experience in clinical research of renal disorders and transplantation. He contributed to the major developments in the field of IgA nephropathy, organizing the European IgA-N Consortium dedicated to the genetic studies of the disease which was supported by EU grant (QLG1-2000-00464). Five years ago, F.P. Schena moved on to genomics, and data from these studies have been recently published (Kidney Int. 78: 396-407, 2010; Kidney Int. 82: 548-560, 2012; J Am Soc Nephrol. 23: 814-824, 2012; Metabolomics 9: 740-751, 2013; Kidney Int. 83: 892-403, 2013; PLoS One 8: e68296, 2013). In 2008 F.P.Schena organized a network of molecular biologists, chemists, geneticists, bioinformaticians and mathematicians to analyze data of ?omics? core facilities located in the Puglia Region. This approach allowed to uncover and develop new biomarkers in many pathological conditions as in nephrology, from IgA nephropathy to chronic kidney disease and renal transplantation.

Research Interest

IgA nephropathy, Metabolomics, Chronic kidney diseases, Renal transplantation